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All men try to stay healthy. However, our health keeps deteriorating as we age. Furthermore, following a healthy diet and working out regularly just isn’t enough to take care of most health complications, which is why it’s recommended to try supplements.

Due to a sudden surge in their demand, the supplement market has become quite saturated. Therefore, we have sought out one of the finest male health supplements that have taken over the medical world by storm. This supplement is called AlphaViril, and you should keep reading to get a detailed AlphaViril review.

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WHAT Is AlphaViril?

It is a supplement designed to cater to male hormonal needs. It is an enhancement supplement that signifies the male libido. This supplement works extremely well for increasing testosterone production, and it also reduces the estrogen levels in the male body.

HFL Solutions Inc. produces this supplement. This company has been functional since 1992, and they offer a wide range of supplements ranging from weight loss products to hormone-balancing formulas such as AlphaViril. This company is the brainchild of Dr. Sam Robbins, who has used his extensive medical experience to produce the best healthcare products for the masses.

This supplement is known to do wonders for reproductive complications such as erectile dysfunction. It also improves their performance for other physical activities such as weight training or working out at the gym. It ensures optimal testosterone levels in men and improves their overall sexual performance.


alphaviril ingredients

AlphaViril Ingredients

AlphaViril Review – It is made using some of the finest all-natural ingredients, and we have mentioned them as well in our detailed AlphaViril review.

1. Avena Sativa

Avena sativa is also famous for oat extract or oat straw. This product is the green stem of an old traditional herbal plant. This plant is also known as a natural Viagra since it boosts libido in both males and females. This product enhances your overall blood circulation, contributing to increased reproductive desire.

2. Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is also famous as Long Jack, or E. Longifolia Jack. This is a shrub that is found in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia. This plant is highly coveted for its sex drive-boosting abilities. It is also an effective cure for erectile dysfunction, and it improves male fertility as well. This plant also helps in optimal weight management by decreasing body fat.

3.  Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is a nutrient-dense product since it is a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and amino acids. It’s also used for making tea, and it helps with body pains and muscle pains as well.

4.  Maca Root

Maca root is a plant that’s native to the Andes Mountains. This product is also consumed as a vegetable, and it resembles both radish and butterscotch. However, this root is particularly famous for its medicinal properties since it’s used to improve your energy levels, increase your stamina, and boost overall athletic skills.

This product is also beneficial for treating female hormonal complications such as infertility, menstrual issues, and menopause. The Maca root can be consumed in various forms as you can roast it, bake it, or have it in the form of soup.

5. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a plant product that is usually found in some parts of Asia and Europe. These are seeds that help add flavor while cooking, and they have several medicinal properties. These seeds have a taste like maple syrup, and their leaves are consumed like a vegetable.

People have fenugreek orally for gastrointestinal complications, including digestive problems, reduced appetite, and constipation. However, these seeds are also extremely effective for curing infertility in men and erectile dysfunction.

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AlphaViril Directions: First-time users, take 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the afternoon. After 7 days, increase to 2 pills, 2x daily for a total of 4 pills (morning and noon). If wanted, you may take another alphaviril 1-2 pills, later in the day (afternoon). Do not take 2 pills at any given time. Do not take over 6 pills daily.

How Does AlphaViril Work?

AlphaViril Review – It is a supplement that works to improve testosterone concentration in men, and it also supports an optimal hormonal balance. It is also beneficial for improving energy levels and stamina. There have been some claims regarding promoting weight loss, but there is no clear evidence to support this claim yet.

However, this product is mainly a libido-boosting supplement, and it improves the overall sexual performance of males by enhancing their testosterone production and suppressing high levels of estrogen. Furthermore, it also improves their physical activity levels by increasing their energy levels.

how does alphaviril works?

How to Use AlphaViril?

AlphaViril Review – It might be made using natural ingredients, but it’s still a potent supplement, and it must be consumed with care. It’s best to have one capsule two times a day. The best time to have these pills is after a meal. Each pill has a dosage of 20 milligrams. How many pills you should have also depended on your workout routine.

You should have four pills on the days when you work out, and you should have two pills on the days you don’t work out since these capsules are also beneficial for improving your energy levels. It is also recommended to opt for a break lasting for two to four days after every one or two months of having these pills.

alphaviril side effects

What are AlphaViril Side Effects?

AlphaViril Review – It is a product containing all-natural ingredients, but you must still be careful before having these pills since they can disturb your internal mechanisms by reacting with other medicines. Furthermore, there are a few side effects attached to some ingredients. For instance, consuming stinging nettle can lead to digestive problems such as excessive sweating.

Moreover, some people also suffer from skin reactions just by coming in contact with the plant. Therefore, you can only imagine what it could do to you internally. You might also experience some problems with urination since the stinging nettle plant can also lead to excessive urine production that can cause renal complications in the future.

Therefore, if you have kidney problems, it would be best to consult your doctor before taking them. Maca root is safe to consume for most people, but it should be taken in limited amounts. This means that you should only have around three grams of this product in one day.

However, since women also use maca root to balance estrogen levels, it can increase the estrogen levels in men. While fenugreek is usually used in cooking, it can also cause side effects like bloating, upset stomach, and diarrhea. It could also lead to coughing and swelling of your face.

1. Increase testosterone levels naturally – what to eat, exercise, sleep, etc.

2. What happens with too little or too much testosterone.

3. How to easily boost testosterone, and optimize Free T-levels.

4. What supplement protocols and cycles you can follow.

5. What results in you can expect.


Alphaviril before and after

AlphaViril Review: What People Say About This Product?

Most people have given good AlphaViril Reviews. Most AlphaViril customer reviews include customers talking about how they have used this supplement for quite some time, and they have noticed a positive change in their health.

If you pair these pills with a healthy diet and a steady workout routine, then you will enjoy a highly productive sex life. However, some customers have experienced headaches, and they haven’t achieved their desired results. Therefore, the AlphaViril reviews are mixed.

AlphaViril HFL Dr. Sam Robbins

AlphaViril: Packages, Pricing, Discount and Where to Buy

The packaging and pricing also play a great role in influencing the AlphaViril reviews. You can buy Alphaviril for $49.97. This is the cost of one bottle. Or you could get an online subscription that offers one bottle every month at the cost of $39.97. Furthermore, these pills come with a money-back guarantee as well, and you can return them within a year if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

Furthermore, these pills also come with additional prize money. If you don’t see any improvement in your testosterone levels, then you can get a $100 cash prize along with a refund. You can get these pills from any reputable supplement store such as GNC, Walmart, Amazon or you could get them online from the official AlphaViril website or amazon.

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AlphaViril Pros and Cons

AlphaViril review has several positive features for men, and they are discussed as follows:

  • These pills increase your energy levels.
  • They boost testosterone levels and reduce the concentration of harmful hormones such as estrogen.
  • Men primarily use AlphaViril to boost their libido and sex drive.
  • It also helps to cure various reproductive complications such as male infertility and erectile dysfunction.
  • These supplements also increase the overall physical performance of males.
  • These pills come with a one-year money-back guarantee.

The following are the cons of using AlphaViril pills:

  • While these pills are made using natural ingredients, they could have some side effects as well including headaches, digestive issues, facial swelling, and coughing.
  • Furthermore, these pills contain maca root, which is excellent for balancing reproductive hormones in both males and females. Therefore, while it helps to restore optimal testosterone levels, it can also increase estrogen levels at the time.

AlphaViril Customer Review: Should You Buy It?

AlphaViril Review – is a testosterone-enhancing supplement that boosts men’s overall sexual drive and libido. Furthermore, it’s made using all-natural ingredients, and it helps promote optimal physical activity levels in males.

Therefore, if you consume these pills along with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, you will notice an excellent change in your overall reproductive.

Considering our detailed AlphaViril review, we would recommend you to buy this supplement as soon as possible. Furthermore, if it doesn’t work for you, you could easily return it and get all of your money back.


I’m a previous doctor and also now retired, age 55. I bought several items to see if they had scientific researches, blood tests for the reviews, or anything to show real medical evidence. I found NON, except for Dr. Robbins’ AlphaViril I was actually extremely shocked with all the data.

So, I’m publishing this in hopes of helping other older men like myself.

May 2020, my testosterone was 254 – extremely low. I altered my diet regimen and also did HIT training.

In Nov 2020, my testosterone was 307 – still reduced.

I was hoping there would be a bigger boost.

Feb 2021 I begin AlphaViril at 2 pills daily for 2 weeks, then 3 tablets daily May 2019, my testosterone is 472. WOW, big improvement. Just change was AlphaViril. I take 2 weeks off as well as begin with 4 tablets daily.

March 2021, my testosterone is 541. It remained to raise. I was in fact hoping for even more. Yet, at my age, this is great.

SUMMARY: AlphaViril really functions. This was my only adjustment throughout this year. My libido, power as well as toughness are all up. From one medical professional to an additional, thanks!

Works obviously superior to the opposition!

I’m very content with AlphaViril review supplement! I watched Dr. Sams Robbins recordings and followed them as trained, I eat well, I exercise and I get my 7 hours least of rest. Similarly, as Dr. Sam said, my morning stiffies are back, my energy levels rose, and my charisma has unquestionably improved!

I prescribe Alpha Viril to anybody in their 40s, it did some incredible things for me!

I likewise enjoyed a reprieve from AV, and attempted Nugenix for multi-month and truly, I didn’t feel any distinction. My charisma dropped, and my energy levels stayed low. I promptly tossed the Nugenix bottle in the rubbish.

I’m so glad for Alpha Viril and Blood sugar optimizer, they have turned out enormously for me and I don’t care to take a stab at whatever else! Much obliged Dr Sam, you are a man saver!

Increased my testosterone by almost 300 pts

Alphaviril review – I’m a previous doctor and now resigned age 61. I searched for some items to check whether they had clinical investigations, blood tests for the audits or anything to show genuine clinical proof. I discovered NON, with the exception of Dr. Robbins’ AlphaViril review. I was in reality exceptionally astounded with all the information.

Thus, I’m posting this in order to help other more seasoned men such as myself.

May 2018, my testosterone was 254 – low.

I changed my eating regimen and hit preparing.

In Nov 2019, my testosterone was 307 – still low. I was trusting there would be a bigger increment.

In Feb 2020 I start AlphaViril at 2 pills every day for about fourteen days, at that point 3 pills day by day.

May 2020, my testosterone is 472. Amazing, enormous improvement. Just change was the AlphaViril supplement.

I require fourteen days off and start with 4 pills day by day

In Nov 2020, my testosterone is 541. It kept on expanding. I was really expecting more. Yet, at my age, this is excellent.

Rundown: AlphaViril supplement truly works. This was my solitary change during this year. My moxie, energy, and strength are all together up.

Starting with one specialist then onto the next, much obliged!

distinct advantage without a doubt

AlphaViril Review – Truly I’ve never left a survey for something I’ve purchased. I’ve been on antidepressants for some time and it obliterated my capacity to engage in sexual relations simultaneously caused me to feel significantly better mentally.

An intense compromise. I’m 45 so specialists accept my sexual issues are mental instead of physical. I as of late got so frantic I requested Alphaviril web-based reasoning it certainly wouldn’t work. Be that as it may, it did! It worked the first run through and each time I’ve taken it.

However long I require 1 or 2 that very day I’m attempting to engage in sexual relations it 100% works for me. The principal week it upset my stomach a bit, however, now it doesn’t. I’m blown away. It’s actually worth an attempt in case you’re in my past circumstance.

Specialist affirmed and embraced

AlphaViril Review – I live in New York and since I have been taking Blood Sugar Optimizer, my glucose level dropped from 99 to 80 and I went from being pre-diabetic to not in danger by any means. I take 2-4 Blood sugar Optimizers daily. Also, my psychological state has been significantly keener and my temperament has been amazing. I at this point don’t take Vitamin D.

I’m additionally taking your testosterone sponsor, AlphaViril which has exactly the intended effect. I’ve gotten the entirety of the advantages, as promoted. I’m prescribing the item to all my male patients. I couldn’t want anything more than to talk with you or meet you sometime in the not-so-distant future. I’m exceptionally intrigued by your items.

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  • While these pills are made using natural ingredients, they could have some side-effects as well including headaches, digestive issues, facial swelling, and coughing
  • Furthermore, these pills contain maca root, which is excellent for balancing reproductive hormones in both males and females. Therefore, while it helps to restore optimal testosterone levels, it can also increase estrogen levels at the time

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