Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough Reviews

Before he found someone he thought could help me.

– Dr. Steve Young

As we read the reviews online, we discovered that Dr. Steve was Philadelphia’s top back pain expert.

For more than 20 years he’d built a reputation for taking on the most difficult back pain cases…

And providing INSTANT relief, without injections, needles, pills or surgery.

His method was so effective that patients came from all over the East Coast to work with him.

His list of credentials was very impressive:

  • He’d studied with the world’s top biomechanics specialists.
  • He’d worked with many professional athletes, including NFL footballers, NBA players and MMA fighters. He’d worked with many professional athletes, including NFL footballers, NBA players and MMA fighters.
  • His work has been published in over 50 medical
  • And he’d even helped Hollywood actors like Zachary Quinto.

Do THIS in bed for 5 minutes and END back pain (100% painless)

My husband and I knew we had to meet him…

So we called Dr. Steve’s office and asked for an appointment.

Unfortunately, his schedule was completely full for the next 3 months…

So I was out of luck.

But when my husband explained the situation, the receptionist put Dr. Steve himself on the phone.

As soon as Dr. Steve heard about the surgery I’d been urged to undergo, he said,

“Don’t even think about that surgery. I’ll open up extra early on Monday morning just for you and we’ll take care of this”.

I was incredibly relieved that Dr. Steve was willing to see me…

And it meant so much that he’d re-arranged his schedule for me.

My husband and I spent the weekend counting down the minutes to the appointment.

When Monday morning
came along, I was really nervous.

Dr. Steve was my last chance to avoid surgery and find relief from so much pain.

I was desperate for this to work.

As we drove to his office, my hands were shaking…

And my heart was beating out of my chest.

When we arrived, Dr. Steve was there to greet us…

And he immediately made me feel at ease.

In fact, I felt so comfortable, I told him everything.

The constant, searing pain.

The long, sleepless nights.

Feeling like an addict because I had to take so many pain pills.

How the relentless pain was destroying my work life, my relationship with my kids…

And most of all, the gripping fear that surgery was the only option left.

Dr. Steve really listened…

And I felt so safe in his presence.

For the first time in years I believed that
it would all be okay.

He made it clear that I could avoid the surgery…

And be pain-free in as little as 2 to 3 weeks!

And he promised that I’d walk out of his office that day, feeling better than I had in years!


When I started to cry, Dr. Steve handed me a tissue and said, “Don’t worry, we’re going to take care of this right now”.

He pulled a picture from his filing cabinet and set it in front of me.

It was a drawing of a spine…

And he began to explain:

As you can see, the spine is made up of vertebrae, spinal discs…

And the spinal nerve.

That’s what a healthy back looks like.

But many of us, through no fault of our own…

Don’t have that space.

Instead, the vertebrae are pushed onto the spinal nerve.

Now, as you can imagine, the spinal nerve is very sensitive.

It’s not supposed to be touched.

So when your vertebrae begin pushing against it, it causes a red hot fire to go through your entire back.


We call this a “nerve impingement” and it’s the root cause of back pain.

The more force the vertebrae exert on the spinal nerve, the worse the pain will be.

Which is why your pain levels fluctuate throughout the day.

When the vertebrae lightly press against your spinal nerve, you’ll have a dull, mild pain.

But when the vertebrae exert a lot of force on the nerve…

The pain becomes excruciating.

And it gets worse…

Sometimes, the vertebrae exert so much force on the spinal nerve…

It becomes pinched!

And when this happens, not only will you be in agony from your back…

It’s a formula he’s developed called Targeted Spinal Release…

And it’s the fastest and easiest way to INSTANTLY stop lower back pain.

Targeted Spinal Release is a simple 5-minute process…

Scientifically designed to release and straighten tight iliacus muscles.

Which in turn moves the vertebrae away from your spinal nerve…

Giving you INSTANT relief from pain!


Without injections, needles or surgery!

Dr. Steve went on to explain that the movement didn’t require any equipment…

Could be used from the comfort of my own home…

And took less than 5 minutes!

The best part was that it was totally painless…

With zero stress or strain on the body.

In fact, it’s so gentle and effortless that thousands of 80 and even 90-year-olds…

Have used it to successfully treat back pain.

That morning, Dr. Steve coached me through the Targeted Spinal Release method.

And let me tell you, it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

A simple 30-second morning ritual eliminates back pain

odd morning ritual eliminates back pain

According to a top Philadelphia doctor, the #1 cause of nagging low back pain ISN’T your posture, injuries, or even genetics. It’s actually a neglected muscle buried deep near your pelvis.

When THIS muscle gets tight, it crushes the sensitive nerves in your spine — leading to stabbing low back pain, sciatica, and shooting aches down your leg. Not good…

Fortunately, there’s a gentle 30-second morning ritual you can do right now. It targets this muscle directly to relieve your lower back pain — NO drugs, injections, or expensive therapies required. This short video reveals how to do it: 


> THIS gentle 30-second morning ritual stops back pain instantly (do it daily to stay pain free all day)

How Long Before I Start Seeing Results?

This is the most exciting part.

From the first time you use the Targeted Spinal Release method, found inside Back Pain Breakthrough, you’ll begin to put your spine back into perfect alignment…

Which means you’ll take pressure off the spinal nerves.

This is why many users report INSTANT pain relief.

When it first happened to me, I broke into tears because it was so quick.

However, everyone’s body is different and for some people, the results are more gradual.

I recommend you give Back Pain Breakthrough at least 7 days to work its magic…

But almost everyone starts to see dramatic results after 30 days.

His mission in life is to help
1 MILLION people treat their
back pain once and for all.

And since money is tight for a lot of families, he wanted to make the program really affordable.

Which is why you won’t pay anywhere near $497 today.

You won’t pay $397.


Or even $197.

Instead, you can get started today for just one payment of $97.

That’s right, for just $97, less than the cost of a single session with Dr. Steve…

You can get full access to the 6-part video masterclass, the Targeted Spinal Release method and the Advanced Healing Techniques bonus guide.

But there’s more.

Because you’ve watched this presentation all the way to the end…

I’d like to invite you to join Back Pain Breakthrough at a special rate for new customers only.

That means that instead of paying $97 today…

Dr. Steve is going to take a whopping $60 off the retail price…

And allow you to join today for just $37.

That’s a gigantic discount!

But you must sign up on this page to take advantage of this special discount.


If you’re ready to finally treat your back pain and sciatica…

Possibly for the first time in MONTHS or even YEARS, then you know what to do.

Click the “Add To Cart” button below, and take a minute to enter your information.

You’re covered by Dr. Steve’s unconditional 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

And in about 2 minutes from now…

You’ll already be on the way to your brand-new, pain-free life.

Click that “Add To Cart” button right now and we’ll see you inside the program.

Dr. Steve’s unconditional
60-day, money-back guarantee!

Here’s how it works.

Join Back Pain Breakthrough today at our deeply discounted

new-customer only rate.

Take a full 60-days to go through the program and see how it reduces, alleviates
and completely stops your back pain and sciatica.

In the unlikely event that you aren’t 100% thrilled with the results,

Contact Dr. Steve’s customer support team…

And you’ll get a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

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