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Blood Sugar Optimizer Review

Blood Sugar Optimizer Review

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People who say “there is no such thing as too much sugar” have obviously not heard about diabetes. It is the most notorious disease globally and can cause complications like neuropathy, blindness, and much more. But not every pre-diabetic patient has to turn into a diabetic one.

High-risk patients who are on the verge of shifting to insulin can reduce the chances of being independent on external medication if they manage their blood sugar levels naturally. But is skipping desserts and having sugar-less coffee enough? Sometimes not.

Supplements like Blood Sugar Optimizer can give you all the ingredients that would naturally lower and maintain your blood sugar levels. Take a look at this Blood Sugar Optimizer review to find out everything you should know before buying it.

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What Are The Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplements? 

Blood Sugar Optimizer supplements are a product by Dr. Sam Robbins from Health, Fitness & Longevity. He is a hormonal expert as well as a nutritionist and an exercise physiologist. Apart from this, Dr. Sam Robbins is also a philanthropist, a speaker, and a writer.

And today, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the health industry. Like many other products that he has launched so far, Blood Sugar Optimizer is another crowd-favorite.

These are dietary supplements that aim to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar and support proper carbohydrate metabolism.

Plus, they focus on insulin sensitivity and elimination of glucose to reduce your sugar cravings.

Why My Blood Sugar Optimizer Is The Best Supplement For High Glucose Levels And Diabetes

I formulated the Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement almost 15 years ago for myself and my family because we have a family history of diabetes and heart disease.… and I mention heart disease because over 67% of people have heart-related issues.

Such as cholesterol, blood flow, blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes… have elevated blood sugar levels!
Plus, if you’ve gained weight or have a hard time losing fat…

Especially around those stubborn areas such as the belly Or for women around the butt, legs, and arms.

It’s because of high blood sugar levels.
And this is because blood sugar and insulin levels affect almost EVERY aspect of your body! It’s one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors that controls BOTH how you look and feel – all day long?….

Especially how you age… – both physically and mentally!
It happens to be a primary factor in most diseases and cancers…

Blood sugar also affects your mood, your energy levels, and even cognition and memory…

And if you care about your looks, it also happens to be one of the
underlying causes of weight gain, wrinkles, age spots… and even hair loss!

Because of all these reasons, I had to find easy, convenient &
safe, long-term solutions that would help lower my blood sugar
naturally and quickly

No Drugs!
No Super Restrictive Diets!
No Crazy Workouts!

How Blood Sugar Optimizer Review Works

So during my research, I discovered two important facts that
changed my life forever…

First – I believe that the #1 reason for blood sugar problems is genetics and more importantly…
the change in your hormones, due to AGING!

Of course… your diet, exercise, stress management and
life-style can make this situation better or worse…
Secondly – Your body functions on nutrients, NOT “calories”!

And if I gave my body the specific nutrients that it needed,
I was able to “fix” these issues.

Basically, I could “improve & optimize” my genetics!
My pancreas was stronger so my body produced optimal, healthy insulin levels, which helps prevent pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Dramatically increased “insulin sensitivity” so my body didn’t have blood sugar “highs” or “lows”, or mood fluctuations

Improved glucose/sugar metabolism
So the carbohydrates I ate, converted to muscle and energy, NOT body fat! And the same can be true for YOU!
And here’s the “cool” part…

I was able to accomplish all of these benefits, quickly…
because scientists have already discovered about 12 specific vitamins and minerals and 10 natural, organic herbs and amino acids… that when combined together, in the correct ratio…
created a synergistic effect that naturally helps improve your glucose levels!

Now, these scientists are a lot smarter than me … and they’ve spent YEARS doing clinical research to prove this.

So I borrowed their award-winning research… I took these clinically proven ingredients and combined them all into one convenient pill, called… Blood Sugar Optimizer™.
Which is super easy to use –you simply take 1-2 small capsules,
before your meals.

Blood Sugar Optimizer Review: That’s it!

No drugs, crazy diets, or exercise programs.
In fact, I never even think about eating a carbohydrate…
WITHOUT taking my Blood Sugar Optimizer™
And here’s the best part …
Blood Sugar Optimizer™ Supplement has almost
15 years of scientific PROOF
that it works…
And because of this,
I’m able to offer you a ONE-YEAR satisfaction guarantee!
In fact, Blood Sugar Optimizer™ is so effective …
And works so quickly… that if it doesn’t help improve your glucose levels in only 30 days… you’ll receive a full refund
+ an additional $100.00 cash back!

Simply stated, Blood Sugar Optimizer™
gives regular people like you and me, who have “average” or “below average” blood sugar genetics, the specific nutrients our body needs, to help metabolize and utilize carbohydrates

Similar to “good” genetic, “thin” people have!… or at the very least,
the way we used to be when we were younger!

you can dramatically reduce your risk for
Pre-diabetes & Diabetes
Heart disease (cholesterol, blood pressure, circulation, clogged arteries, etc.)
Cancer (breast, prostate, colon, etc.)
Neurological diseases (memory loss, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.)

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Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement

Blood Sugar Optimizer Ingredients

To make decisions more straightforward with this Blood Sugar Optimizer review, let’s talk about what precisely these capsules are made of. There is a long list of ingredients in Blood Sugar Optimizer, but the following are the significant ones along with what they do when they go into our body:

  • Vitamin E 

Who doesn’t know vitamin A is excellent for general physical health and bone strength? But what most people don’t know is that it also helps improve blood sugar levels. It works by enhancing insulin action, reducing cellular oxidants, decreasing inflammation activities, and altering the properties of our cellular membranes. Each serving of Blood Sugar Optimizer has 6 IU of vitamin E in it.

  • Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B6 is known to improve blood sugar in patients with gestational diabetes in just two weeks. This particular Vitamin is also very beneficial for patients who suffer from complicated diabetes.

  • Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 is famous for causing symptomatic improvement in diabetic patients who suffer from severe neuropathy. In many studies, symptoms like paraesthesia and pain showed significant reduction with an increased amount of vitamin B12 intake. In Blood Sugar Optimizer, you get 75 MCG of vitamin B12 in every serving.

  • Biotin 

Apart from being great for our skin and hair, biotin also directly impacts blood glucose levels. Our body needs biotin to process all the glucose, so its intake can be very beneficial. It helps reduce the painful symptoms of nerve damage in diabetes.

  • Pantothenic Acid 

Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, is essential for normal metabolism. Your body needs it for the conversion of the food into sugar. Your body then uses this sugar as fuel and breaks it down for energy. Every serving of these supplements has 15 MG of pantothenic acid.

  • Zinc Picolinate

Zinc supplements have consistently shown positive results when taken for type 2 diabetes. Since it has antioxidant powers, diabetic patients often find it very beneficial since it improves glycemic control. You get 25 mg of zinc picolinate in each serving of Blood Sugar Optimizer.

Some other components of Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement contain a magnesium blend, a chromium blend, berberine, cinnamon extract, Na-R-Alpha lipoic acid, bitter melon, fenugreek seed, Panax ginseng, trans-resveratrol, banaba leaf extract, and vanadyl sulfate.

Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement Facts

Blood Sugar Optimizer review
Blood Sugar Optimizer Serving Size: 3 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredients Amount Per Serving %DV*

Vitamin & Mineral Blend 128.7 MG

Vitamin E (as NUTRA-E™ dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate) 6 IU 45%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 3 MG 177%
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 75 MCG 3093%
Biotin 531 MCG 1770%
Pantothenic Acid 15 MG 300%
Magnesium Blend (TRAACS® Glycinate, Citrate, Oxide) 87 MG 28%
Zinc Picolinate 21 MG 192%
Selenium 27 MCG 49%
Chromium Blend (TRAACS® Picolinate, Nicotinate Glycinate) 600 MCG 1713%

Synergy Optimizer™ Blend 1930 MG

Berberine 650 MG
CinSulin® + Cinnulin PF® Cinnamon extract 500 MG
Bio-Enhanced® Stabilized Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 MG
Bitter Melon (2.5% bitter principles, including 10% charantin) 100 MG
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract (75% Gymnemic Acids) 200 MG
Fenugreek Seed (4:1 Extract; 50% Saponins) 50 MG
Panax Ginseng (8% ginsenosides) 50 MG
Trans-Resveratrol (90% from Polygonum cupsidatum) (Tiger cane) 50 MG
Banaba Leaf Extract (1.5% corosolic acid) 24 MG
Vanadyl Sulfate (20% Vanadium) 6 MG

  • † Daily Value not established
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
  • Blood Sugar Optimizer review

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How Does Blood Sugar Optimizer Work?

All the ingredients found in Blood Sugar Optimizer have a positive impact on our sugar levels. They are directly and indirectly linked to an improvement in glycemic control and the breakdown of sugar.

Blood Sugar Optimizer works by reducing sugar and carbohydrate cravings so that you don’t take any more sugar than you need.

It also supports a healthy elimination and digestion of glucose so that your body would eliminate the sugar inside your body and maintain your blood sugar levels. These supplements also encourage enhanced insulin sensitivity and promote carbohydrate metabolism.

This way, these capsules maintain healthy sugar profiles so that your body would functions normally.

Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplements

How To Use Blood Sugar Optimizer?

According to the manufacturers of these blood sugar optimizer supplements, you can take these pills as a part of your diet. Taking one or two tablets with a sufficient amount of water every day is a recommended dosage.

It is also essential to consume these tablets at least 10 to 15 minutes before meals or drinks containing sugar or carbohydrates.

For more precise instructions and avoid any side effects, make sure you consult your healthcare practitioner and follow their recommended dosage. You can start with a couple of pills every day, and if you don’t see any noticeable changes after 10 or 12 weeks of use, you can slowly increase the number of tablets per day.

Your maximum daily intake should be eight pills and no more. If you start feeling like your blood sugar is dropping too quickly, too low, it means you must decrease the dosage and match your carbohydrate intake.

Blood Sugar Optimizer Review Recommended Use: As a blood sugar optimizer supplement, take one or two (1 or 2) capsules with a big glass of water before (preferably 10-15 minutes before) carbohydrate or sugar-containing meals/drinks, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

For best results, use continuously for a minimum of 8 weeks, so your body can have time to naturally normalize and optimize your sugar levels before you do your next blood tests.

If the desired results aren’t achieved after 10-12 weeks, increase the dose. The maximum daily dose is 8 pills.

The higher the carbohydrate and/or sugar calories in a meal, the higher the dose for maximum effects.

Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement Sale

What Are Blood Sugar Optimizer Side Effects?

Moving on with the Blood Sugar Optimizer review, let’s talk about the potential adverse effects of these supplements. Taking a Blood Sugar Optimizer without professional guidance is over-consuming and overdose can lead to acute symptoms like lightheadedness, fatigue, sweating, and shakiness.

Higher doses can cause low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia, and long-term use can result in weight loss. People who suffer from fluctuating blood pressure levels and lower cholesterol levels should also be careful when taking these supplements.

Blood Sugar Optimizer Customer Review: What People Say About This Product

When it comes to reviews and thoughts of people who have used this product, the results are so far so good! Consumers have reported that they were on the verge of being a diabetic, and thanks to these supplements, they are no more at risk. Similarly, many other users have said great things about this product, and, so far, there have been no significant complaints or reports of severe side effects.

doctor-approved – no more pre-diabetic 

Blood Sugar Optimizer Review – I live in Las Vegas and since  I have been taking Blood Sugar Optimizer, my blood sugar level dropped from 99 to 80 and I went from being pre-diabetic to not at risk at all.  I take 2-4 Blood sugar Optimizers a day.

In addition, my mental state has been a lot sharper and my mood has been superb. I no longer take Vitamin D.

I’m also taking your testosterone booster, AlphaViril which works like a charm. I am recommending the product to all my male patients.  I would love to speak with you or meet you some day.  I am very impressed with your products.

I am the author of 2  books, 4 Step Process to Mental Illness by Dr. H V Smith and The Illness, Take Back your Mental State and I am about to release  The Quick Survival Guide to Mood Disorders and I will mention your products in this book.

Thank you.


Blood Sugar Optimizer Review – Doctor Robbins has made a huge impact on my health and I want to share this with everyone and anyone who wants to improve their blood sugar.

First, I took advantage of your holiday sale and ordered 3 more bottles of Blood Sugar Optimizer, given the results in getting my blood sugar back to normal, I would be stupid not to.

After my diagnose of diabetes, I confess I went supplement crazy at the vitamin store before I found out about your BSO.  I was surprised you e-mailed me back personally, taking the time to correct me on my mistakes.

Which I ended up throwing out $100 of supplements that could be detrimental to my health.

Sometimes more is not better, and taking a cocktail of supplements can be more detrimental to your health. L-arginine raises blood sugar & Acetyl L-Carnitine causes insomnia. B6 vitamin is good, but one brand of ‘diabetic support’ has it at a dangerous 8500% dosage that could be dangerous to health.

With research, I wised up and realized that when it came to supplements, your BSO 3x a day was the best solution, along with a balanced diet with no starches. Addressing my diabetes, you personally wrote me that Blood Sugar Optimizer was designed to lower blood sugar levels, which my ‘normal’ blood sugar levels now confirm.

YES, this stuff really works and this is after me stopping the use of 5-6 other supplements. Only using YOUR product.

When I got diagnosed with diabetes my HCi was 8.0 and Blood Sugar was 210, and neuropathy in my feet. The doctor told me it might be controlled by diet, but I chose to go a step farther with supplements.

After a month it dropped to 110, taken after a 6 hour fast. 2 months later my pre-dinner BS was 94, after meal it was 124, well within the normal range.

The longer I use Blood Sugar Optimizer review, the better the numbers. The results surprised my doctor and had my nutritionist asking a lot of questions.

Going from 210 blood sugar to 94 in two months is amazing, something my diabetic friends haven’t achieved with medications.

Taking Blood Sugar Optimizer Review may not have ‘cured my diabetes, but it has effectively reversed it without medications. No side effects and I feel great and looking much better.

Kudos on your product, and high marks for responding back with much-needed information. Bless you


Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement

Where To Buy Blood Sugar Optimizer Best Price & Deals?

If this Blood Sugar Optimizer review convinced you to buy this product, here is how you can get your hands on it:

You can visit the official website of Dr. Sam and order the supplements directly from the website. You can either choose a one-time purchase for $69.97 or opt for a free VIP membership for the same price.

The advantage of subscribing to membership is that you can get auto refills every month and save a lot of money. If you’re local and your order exceeds $100, you can get free shipping. For international orders, you can get free shipping at orders above $250.

Each bottle has 90 capsules which are enough for a whole month. Moreover, you can try the product for 30 days, and if you don’t see any noticeable changes and improvements, you can get a full refund. Plus, Dr. Sam offers you $100 on top of that as cashback.

You can now get the one-time purchase bottle for $49.97 and an auto-refill membership bottle for $39.97.

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Additional Benefits

  • Receive an ADDITIONAL 20% discount on today’s order and all future auto-ships.
  • Quantity & multiple auto-ship orders receive additional volume discounts (up to 62% off today’s order). Thus, the more products on auto-ship, the bigger your savings!
  • Free shipping (US: $100+ | International: $250+)
  • No hassle, easy and convenient – never run out of your favorite products!
  • Pay for each order only when it’s shipped.
  • You have complete flexibility and may easily change the frequency or amount of each shipment (pause, add more items, ship more or less often)
  • There are NO commitments, contracts, obligations or fees. Cancel anytime.

No Coupon Needed, Free Shipping Orders Over $100+, 1 Year, Satisfaction Guarantee!

NO extra shipping charges either – so stock up and save!
Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement

Blood Pressure Optimizer Pros And Cons

Blood Sugar Optimizer review – Like anything else, even these supplements have their pros and cons. To summarize the review and make decisions easier for you, here is a list of the advantages and drawbacks of investing in these pills:

BSO Pros: 

  • The supplements are manufactured in a facility registered by FDA.
  • There are no genetically modified organisms inside these capsules.
  • All ingredients are plant-derived and vegan-friendly.
  • The pills are also easily digestible.
  • The tablets are lab tested for purity, potency, and safe consumption.

BSO Cons: 

  • Long-term use can lead to losing weight.
  • Some people find it hard to take three capsules in every serving.

Blood Pressure Optimizer Summary: Should I Buy It?

After reading this Blood Sugar Optimizer review, if you are still concerned about your health and whether these supplements would be a good idea for you, the best thing to do is consult your medical practitioner. Get your blood sugar levels checked and monitor your glucose.

Ask your doctor whether you need any supplements or medications to reduce your risk of being a diabetic or lower the complications of diabetes. If both of you agree and you can afford to buy Blood Sugar Optimizer, that’s all the confirmation you need.

Head on to the official website of Dr. Sam and subscribe to the supplements before the discount expires!

Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement

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Blood Sugar Optimizer review

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