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Sipnutri Reviews – Diamond Collagen Drink & Korean Panax Ginseng

Sipnutri Diamond Collagen Drink Sipnutri® is an innovative liquid nutrition brand that creates essential nutrition that is effective and portable. We make liquid collagen drink. 15000mg Marine Collagen with Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Horsetail Extract, Healthy Hair Skin Nails Joints Bones Support Beauty drink for skin, hair, nails, joints & bones* Each bottle contains 15000mg Patented Marine Collagen, 100mg Vitamin C, 1000mcg SkinAx, 1000mcg Pomegranate Extract, 1000mcg Horsetail Extract Shake, Sip, and Shine: Natural sediment might occur in high potency collagen peptide drink. Shake well before drinking. Suggested Use: Take one bottle (50ml) daily with or between meals. Enjoy mixing …