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Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May

Earth Echo Cacao Bliss Danette May

Organic Chocolate Powder Mix with Cinnamon, Turmeric, MCT Oil and Lucuma for Hot Cocoa, Smoothies and More – 30 Servings – Daily Health and Energy Superfood Support.

Hi, I’m Danette May

Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May

Luckily this tragic period of my life led me to discover a unique philosophy of transforming your body not through punishment, but through healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset.

I decided to use my degree in pre-med and nutrition, and my 14+ years as a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor, and NASM nutritionist, to develop unique life-transforming fitness programs that have help changed the minds and bodies of hundreds of thousands of men and women.

As a personal trainer, the #1 struggle my clients had was dealing with cravings. They would eat great all day, or even all week, then feel the need to splurge on their favorite dessert. In most cases, it was some form of chocolate! Anyone who loves chocolate knows that it makes you feel GREAT as soon as you start eating it. That’s why most desserts are chocolate-based.

In fact, these chocolate cravings became such a hassle for my clients that I decided to do research and discover why it was next to impossible for them to “say no” when their chocolate cravings struck.

So when I found this unique chocolate that can actually help support your health and fitness goals, help reduce cravings, AND support your body and mind in so many powerful ways, I set out to find the very best source and make it into the most delicious, healthy formula available today.

Danette May.

Danette May is the founder of Mindful Health LLC and The Rise movement. She is a world-renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, and former celebrity fitness trainer, as well as a wife and mother. She has shared her unique, inspiring message on such places as Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home and Family, and CBS.

Danette has changed the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of millions of people around the world by focusing on healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset. She teaches students how to transform the “muck” of their lives into inner motivation, empowering them to love the bodies they live in and love the life they live.

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Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May where to buy

THIS chocolate 15x healthier than kale

I don’t know about you…

But I don’t need an excuse to eat chocolate.

  • Chocolate cake…
  • Chocolate ice cream…
  • Chocolate milk shakes…

Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May

I love it all!

It’s why I was so excited when I found out about the power of a unique type of Peruvian chocolate.

You see, most chocolate is grown over on the west coast of Africa.

But small batches of chocolate also come from the jungles of Peru.

And the difference is incredible.

Peruvian cacao is not only sweet like regular milk chocolate…

Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May

It’s also one of the healthiest and highest antioxidant foods on the planet.

Being 12x healthier than blueberries…

16x healthier than kale…

And 37x healthier than even broccoli.

This delicious chocolatey gift has been the food of emperors for nearly 2,000 years.

And the growing process was finally perfected during the late Incan empire.

Which is what gives us this unique Peruvian chocolate that not only tastes delicious but can also…

* Promote healthy blood sugar

* Reduce free-radicals & fight inflammation, thereby slowing down aging in the body

* Make you fall asleep faster and STAY asleep through the night

* Even help preventing brain aging

Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May

It’s no wonder people have been saying things like…

“It has been a wonderful discovery and my body and mind have never been better. My aches and pains are minimal, my gut health has been amazing – gas and cramping is gone!” – Angela Kiesow

This chocolate is so incredibly delicious, it really feels great to be eating something so healthy and satisfying. I’m losing weight, I feel great, and I have NO food cravings at all during the day! – Dolores Adkins

“It actually makes me smile every time I eat some, it’s that good! It also gives me energy without the jittery side effects of too much caffeine. I used to get a Starbucks Mocha almost every day, and this healthier drink has taken its place.” – Jennifer Wilson

There is only ONE season a year that they grow this unique South American chocolate…

So make sure you get some BEFORE the end of this year’s growing season.

Find out the details on this page below:

>> This unique Peruvian chocolate is healthier than kale (tastes incredible AND packs more inflammation-fighting antioxidants than any vegetables)


Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May Supplement Fact

  • Indulge in better-for-you hot cocoa and dark chocolate smoothies without the guilt: Cacao Bliss offers the delicious, comforting taste of your favorite flavor without the empty calories, packed with 10 powerful superfoods to add more nutritional value to your drinks, desserts, and hot chocolate bomb recipes.
  • An easy way to enjoy nutritious chocolate every day: Cacao Bliss can be mixed into hot, cold or warm liquids such as coffee, almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk. You can also add it to baked goods and other recipes.
  • A fun way to support weight control: Our superfood ingredients are “from field to pantry” for optimal nutritional value. It helps ensure you maintain your focus and energy throughout the day without ruining your diet so that you can achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Rich in anti-aging and inflammation-fighting nutrients: With the nourishing benefits of raw cacao powder, turmeric, MCT oil, lucuma, organic cinnamon, and more to support your overall wellness.
  • Your satisfaction is our priority: Try Cacao Bliss to find out if you love it because we offer a 60-day money-back policy just in case you need it.
cacao bliss earth echo superfood raw chocolate
cacao bliss earth echo superfood raw chocolate
cacao bliss earth echo superfood raw chocolate
cacao bliss earth echo superfood raw chocolate
FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Earth Echo Cacao Bliss Special Price

Bonus #1: Cacao Lovers Cookbook

Book.I want you to experience this rare chocolate bliss every day and use it to make the easiest, most mouthwatering treats you’ve ever tasted!

That’s why I created this “chocolate lovers” cookbook…

And I want to email it to you, for free, when you order Cacao Bliss™.

Never again will you have to decide between having a decadent dessert you deserve and worrying about your health or weight.

Now you can enjoy succulent treats, which taste like a gift from heaven, AND help your body become healthier at the same time.

This cookbook contains my FAVORITE dessert recipes, all using this rare chocolate and other healthy, natural, fat-burning ingredients!

Let me show you a quick sampling of the guilt-free recipes you can prepare in about 5 minutes using only about 5 ingredients…

My friends, family, and followers go CRAZY over these recipes, and I think you will too!

They include…

Bonus #2: Cacao Meditations

Digital access.If you’re like most people, you spend your day rushing around getting as much done as possible, barely stopping to give yourself a few moments to just sit and relax. That’s why I created two powerful cacao meditations you can listen to while you sip on a cup of rich hot chocolate (made from Cacao
Bliss™).I want to help put more peace and tranquility in your life, and enjoy the true Cacao Bliss experience, because YOU deserve it!Did you know that some refer to Cacao as the ‘Elixir of the Gods’?In ancient tribes of South America it was believed that raw cacao had special powers – and that it enabled people to tap into higher mental and physical strength and clarity.

The Mayans regarded cacao so highly it was used as a form of currency, and was stashed away like treasure.

My experience with cacao has certainly been incredible, and I want to help you tap into the benefits that thousands of my clients and I have enjoyed, so you can treasure them with your family and friends…

These special meditations are a large part of how I can share the amazing experience of cacao with you – I am so excited for you to try them!

Product & Book.You’ll get both of these 100% free when you order today……

That’s a $29.95 value in FREE gifts, just for choosing to experience Cacao Bliss for yourself…

PLUS as an additional bonus, I will be sending you all my best tips, recipes and suggestions straight to your email. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible when you add healing movements, healing foods and a healing mindset to your life. I promise, your email is safe with us! I won’t sell or share your email with other companies, I will respect your inbox – and if you ever decide you don’t want to receive our emails anymore, you can unsubscribe at any time.

So go ahead and claim your pouch of Cacao Bliss today by choosing a package below that best fits your needs.

But before you do, I want to reassure you…

You’ll experience more bliss in the next 60 days… or I insist we give you all your money back even if you empty the entire pouch in a week!

When I sat down with my team to create Cacao Bliss I had one goal and only one goal in mind…

I wanted YOU to have an affordable way to get your “chocolate fix” and experience a higher level of bliss every single day…

That’s why I’m giving you a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss Danette May Best Price

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