Earth Echo Chai Bliss Reviews + Best Deals

Earth Echo Chai Bliss Reviews + Best Deals

Energy Without the Crash: The demand for energizing tea beverages is on the rise, but most formulas are too high in sugar or caffeine. That’s why we created Chai Bliss, our nourishing gluten-free blend of nootropics and spices to help you feel more energized without the restlessness caused by a high sugar or caffeine content.

  • Revitalize your senses with each comforting sip of this creamy & nutritious Chai Blend
  • Enjoy increased energy with no stimulant crash*
  • Enjoy mental clarity when you need it most*
  • 30 servings in one pouch

Earth Echo Chai Bliss Reviews + Best Deals

What is Chai Bliss Earth Echo?

Developed by Danette May of Earth Echo, Chai Bliss is a delicious and healthy blend of nutrients that help eliminate brain fog and support the brain. According to the official website, the Chai Bliss blend is a sweet, safe-to-take drink that rejuvenates senses and effectively eliminates brain bog.

The delightful blend embraces natural ingredients, including lion’s mane mushroom extract. This ingredient has been used for ages in Chinese traditional medicine. It crosses the blood-brain barrier to simulate NGF. The manufacturers’ manufacturers’ formula contains a special happy brain secret that improves cognitive function without causing any side effects.

Every sip of Chai blend delivers powerful ingredients that support and protect the brain neurons in just a few days. Users can take the smooth, tasty drink hot or cold to help them remain strong, energized, and joyful every day. The formula is easy to digest. Users can enjoy it every day to bring clarity and focus back to their lives without worrying about any harmful impact on the stomach or overall health.

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buy Earth Echo Chai Bliss

Earth Echo Chai Bliss Reviews + Best Deals

My Name Is Danette May And I’m A Nutritionist… Best-Selling Author… And Founder Of Earth Echo Foods

Since 2011 I’ve transformed the physical, mental, and emotional lives of millions of people around the world. I’m the author of multiple best-selling books including Embrace Abundance, The Rise, and many others.

In my younger years, I was featured in US Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine. I was a frequent guest on National TV, including Access Hollywood Live, CBS, NBC, Hallmark Home and Family, among many others. I even worked with some of the top fitness professionals in the industry including Jillian Michaels and George St. Pierre. My content has reached nearly every inch of the globe and has helped well over 100 million people improve their lives through a better mindset, coaching courses, superfoods and various health programs.

I’m also the owner of Earth Echo Foods, which provides some of the highest-quality, sustainably sourced, organic, non-GMO superfoods on the planet. My husband Craig and I started Earth Echo to show people the upper limits of what’s possible in life. Because when you feel good, you do good. And we create our products in a way that’s both good for you AND the planet!

Earth Echo Chai Bliss Danette May

Why Should Buy Earth Echo Chai BLiss?

1 Chai Bliss Is NOT Chai Tea

Some people might compare Chai Bliss to chai tea because they’re both chai-flavored.

But that’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Power Wheels car because they both have wheels.

2. The Highest Quality, Highest Vibing Ingredients You Can Find

  • That means using ingredients close to nature as possible. We strive to ensure all of our products are organic and non-GMO. We also use ingredients that can provide more opportunities for local businesses, farmers, and surrounding towns and villages to prosper today, and well into the future.
  • We use manufacturers who ensure our products are free from antibiotics, gluten, dairy, or anything that could impact the purity of our products. Each product is evaluated individually and labeled for your ease and convenience!
  • We’re even working towards 100% recyclable packaging sourced from post-consumer recycled plastic. We’re not quite there, but we’re close and working hard to make it a reality.

That’s why you can feel good about every sip of Chai Bliss.

3. Double The Serving Size Of Competitors

If you look closely you’ll see that the serving size of most competitors (and there aren’t many) are 4-5g per serving.

Chai Bliss has a whopping 9g per serving of these incredible superfood ingredients.

That’s about DOUBLE what many competitors are using.

So even if you see competitors using similar ingredients for half the price (there aren’t any that we know of), it still comes out to the same price per serving.

4. Up To Double The Servings Of Many Competitors

This is a place where many less caring companies dupe their customers. They sell each bag for less money, but the bags contain only half the servings per bag!

So to be clear, Chai Bliss comes with a full 30 servings per bag.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that most competitors have 14-20 servings per bag. Don’t fall for that trap!

We love and respect you too much to try and trick you. And that’s why our customers come back to us again and again for years.

Having said all that, I do have some great news.

Because as it turns out…

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Earth Echo Chai Bliss Ingredients

Organic Ginger.
Chai Ingredient #1: Organic Ginger

In a 2012 study of healthy middle-aged women, daily doses of ginger extract were shown to promote improved reaction time and working memory. It’s even been shown to help maintain healthy joints and blood sugar levels. 23,24,25,26

Organic Cardamom.
Chai Ingredient #2: Organic Cardamom

A relative of ginger and turmeric, cardamom has antioxidant properties that may help protect brain cells from free radicals.27 It’s also been shown to help protect your liver and support a healthy weight.* 28,29

Organic Cinnamon Bark.
Chai Ingredient #3: Organic Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon is very underrated. It contains powerful antioxidants it actually outranks superfoods such as garlic and oregano!30 Studies published by Harvard have even shown that it helps support a healthy memory, attention span, and overall cognitive functioning. 31

Organic Cloves.
Chai Ingredient #4: Organic Cloves

Cloves are a fascinating spice that contain manganese, an essential mineral for maintaining brain and nerve function.* 32 Plus it’s shown to help promote healthy, strong bones when taken with calcium, zinc and copper. 33

Organic Nutmeg.
Chai Ingredient #5: Organic Nutmeg

Nutmeg is another highly underrated superfood. Like all these spices, it also contains health-boosting antioxidants. It’s even been shown to support healthy teeth ad gums. 34 Plus research suggests that a nutrient found in nutmeg may help support a healthy aging brain.* 35

Organic Black Pepper.
Chai Ingredient #6: Organic Black Pepper

You may have heard about Piperine, the primary component of black pepper, which can increase the absorption of Turmeric by up to 2000%.36 But what many people don’t know is that it’s also been shown to support memory and protect and support the myelin sheath – the insulating layer around nerves in your brain and spinal cord responsible for quick, accurate communication inside your brain.*

Earth Echo Chai Bliss Supplement Facts

Earth Echo Chai Bliss Supplement Facts

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Earth Echo Food Compare Products

cacao bliss GSB chai bliss island bliss collagen peptides
Cacao Bliss Golden Superfood Bliss Chai Bliss Island Bliss Collagen Peptides
What Is It? Ceremonial Grade Chocolate & Superfood Blend Turmeric & Superfood Elixir Blend Chai & Superfood Elixir Blend Green Superfood Elixir Blend Pure Hydrolized Grass-Fed Protein
Health Benefits Curbs chocolate cravings minus the added sugar and artificial ingredients. For better quality sleep, reduced cravings, & overall mood. Supports mood and energy levels while reducing brain fog. Nourishes your gut and overall health with superfoods, probiotics, & organic fruits & veggies. Supports radiant skin, thick hair, strong nails, gut health, and joint function.
Key Ingredients Raw Cacao, Turmeric, MCT Powder, Cinnamon, Monk Fruit, Coconut Nectar, Lucuma, Mesquite, Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper Turmeric, Coconut Milk & MCT Oil, Amla Fruit, Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Cardamom, Ashwagandha, 4-Mushroom Blend, Black Pepper Spice Blend, Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, L-Theanine (Green Tea), Zinc, Natural Nootropic Energy Blend Organic Greens Blend, Organic Vitaberry Blend, Aquamin, Prebiotic/Probiotic Blend, Organic Spectra, Organic Turmeric 100% Premium Grade Bovine Collagen (17g Clean Protein in Every Scoop)
How to Use Add 1 scoop to every 8 fl. oz. water, milk, or coffee, or mix into to baked goods. Add 1 scoop to every 8 fl. oz. water or milk, or mix into to baked goods. Add 1 level scoop to every 8 fl. oz. water or milk. Add 1 level scoop to every 8 fl. oz. cold liquids, such as water or smoothies. Add 1 level scoop to any food or beverage. It’s flavorless so you’ll never notice the difference.
Servings Per Pack 30 30 30 30 22
Calories Per Serving 35 25 45 5 70
Vegan Bovine Collagen
Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free
USDA Organic
Price See Special Price See Special Price See Special Price See Special Price N/A

Where to buy Earth Echo Chai Bliss Best Deals

++ Best Deals, Save 37.5% Off Buy 4, Get 1 FREE or Subscribe Save 37.5% + FREE Shipping ++

Earth Echo Chai Bliss is currently available for purchase on the official website; interested buyers must visit the website to place their orders. The manufacturer offers exciting discounts as follows:

  • Individual Package: Buy one pouch of Chai Bliss for $59.99 for 30 blissful servings
  • Three Pouch Package: Buy three bags of Chai Bliss for $164.99 (saves $60)
  • Family Package: Buy five pouches of Chai Bliss for $249.99 (saves $125)

Users have the option to subscribe and save 17% with free delivery after 30 days. For a one-time purchase, the manufacturer ships the following morning after placing an order. More importantly, the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which makes it a risk-free investment. Buyers who feel the product is not helping them can ask for a refund within two months of purchase.


You Risk NOTHING Due To Our 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I want to make sure you’re happy and confident with your order today.

I understand you’ve probably tried a million things in the past that haven’t worked for you… But I’m asking you to commit to yourself now.

Guarantee Badge.

I’ve seen the thousands of women before you who are enjoying their daily cup of Chai Bliss and loving the support for clarity, alertness, focus, and ZEST for life they finally have again.*

If during the next two months, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the investment you’ve made in your brain health… Just send back your order – even if the first pouch is empty – and my customer support team will give you a prompt and speedy refund…

That’s why I’m confident enough to offer you a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

You either get the results you’re looking for, or you don’t pay.

It’s really as simple as that!

Earth Echo Island Bliss Reviews

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Earth Echo Chai Bliss


Support new teenager-like brain cell growth


Enjoy razor-sharp memory and fast detail recall


Get through your entire day with a big smile on your face


Help shield your brain & body from “over 40” aging



  • Chai Bliss is a perfect focus-boosting treat
  • It enables users to focus by naturally stimulating NGF
  • It delivers no jitters or midday stimulant crashes
  • It supports sharp focus without causing any side effects
  • It helps users remain alert and focused for longer


  • Chai Bliss is only available from the official website only. Users cannot purchase it without a stable internet connection.
  • Before taking the superfood supplement, users should consult their healthcare providers to get complete information about the added ingredients.
  • Individual results may vary from one user to another depending on the body condition and how fast it absorbs and adapts to the superfood.

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