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HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers is an ALL natural source of betaine hydrochloric acid that increases stomach acid and hydrochloric acid to support digestion and detoxification. It’s 100% vegetarian, derived from beets and contains no animal byproducts.

More specifically, HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers does NOT contain pepsin, like nearly all HCl products out there. Instead, it contains 5 different types of enzymes to digest proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. Making HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers even MORE powerful than any other HCl formula on the market today.

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HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers Prices

About this item

  • NATURAL: HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers is an acid reflux supplement made with natural ingredients; it is 100% plant-based and non-irritating; it does not contain pepsin—an enzyme derived from animal intestines and something which people can be sensitive to
  • ACID REFLUX RELIEF: When your body has low levels of stomach acid, there’s poor digestion of food and bacterial overgrowth, and you’ll experience symptoms of heartburn, bloating, and gas; to help alleviate acid reflux symptoms, your stomach needs more hydrochloric acid
  • GOOD SOURCE OF HCL: Our product contains betaine hydrochloride (betaine HCI) which helps to increase the level of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid)
  • BETTER DIGESTION: The body’s ability to produce enzymes decreases with age; our supplement, therefore, contains 5 different digestive enzymes to support the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
  • SUITABLE for vegetarians, is dairy-free and gluten-free

Why HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers

Betaine HCL is a compound of the peptide betaine and hydrogen (H) chloride (Cl). HCL is an acid in solution, as is found in the stomach. The betaine HCL is extracted from beets.

In addition to betaine HCL, HCL Breakthrough also contains 5 different digestive enzymes and a full spectrum, patented mix of minerals. All ingredients are from a plant-based source.

Many HCL products contain the digestive enzyme pepsin. Pepsin often comes from an animal source and some people cannot tolerate it well. BiOptimizers therefore does not use pepsin in the HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers formulation.

HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers Benefits

HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers Benefits

  • Helps to increase stomach acid levels
  • Supports digestion and detoxification
  • Alleviates acid reflux symptoms like heartburn, bloating, and gas
  • Allows for greater mineral and nutrient absorption
  • Increases availability of enzymes
  • Helps to eliminate fungus like Candida

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HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers Prices

HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers does NOT contain pepsin, like nearly all HCl products out there.

Instead it contains 5 different types of enzymes to digest proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. Making HCL Breakthrough even MORE powerful than any other HCl formula on the market today.

HCL Breakthrough is going to WIPE OUT your heartburn, acid reflux and any bacterial overgrowth happening inside your gut.

You just need to take 1 to 2 capsules when you start a meal.

The best part is: It works FAST. You’ll begin feeling immediate relief.

What you can expect when you begin using HCL Breakthrough:

  •  No more stomach pain after a big meal
  •  You can stop avoiding certain foods, and begin enjoying food again (like chocolate)
  •  You won’t wake up at night anymore because your distressing heartburn will be gone. You’ll start enjoying full nights of sleep again.
  •  Within just a few days you’ll be able to dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, all usage of your proton pump inhibitors and antacids
  •  Your doctor will think it’s a miracle that your heartburn and acid reflux disappeared
  •  You’ll experience the relief and freedom from heartburn you’ve been longing for

HCl Breakthrough BiOptimizers Supplement Facts

HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers Supplement Facts

HCl Breakthrough BiOptimizers Ingredients & Usage

Take 1 capsule with each meal, or within 30 minutes of eating a meal.

One jar of BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough contains 90 capsules.

Ingredients per serving 1 capsule % RDA
Betaïne HCL 500 mg *
Protease 3.0 25 SAPU *
Protease 4.5 2500 HUT *
Amylase 625 SKB *
Lipase 750 FIP *
Cellulase 750 CU *
Mineral mix 5 mg *

RDA = recommended daily reference intake based on a daily intake of 2000 kcal.
* RDA unknown

HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers Best Deals

Yes, order this package today, and if within 365 Days you don’t feel a significant improvement and reduction in bloating, cramps and gas, then return the remaining bottles and get a full refund, just for trying this out.

We guarantee you’ll greatly improve your ability to digest food, reduce your bloating, and eliminate abdominal cramps and gas within a few days.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by saying “yes” today… and you’ve got a whole new level of well-being to gain when you order now.

You’ll be feeling like a million bucks within a few days, and you’ll have more energy than you’ve had in decades.

HCL Breakthrough Sale

Experience The Life-Changing Benefits Of HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers With Absolutely ZERO RISK Today

I strongly feel you shouldn’t pay for supplements that don’t work…

I want to take away all the risk and doubt you might be feeling right now.

If your acid reflux and indigestion doesn’t disappear, and you don’t feel like your digestive system has had a positive transformation with HCL Breakthrough…

If after opening your first bottle you’re not completely satisfied…

Just send back the remaining unopened bottles and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Absolutely no questions asked, no loopholes, and no hassles.

Get HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers. Try it for 365 Days… You can make your risk-free decision after experiencing the power.

If you experience any digestive discomfort and want to relieve yourself of heartburn and acid reflux, you owe it to yourself to try HCL Breakthrough with zero risk today.

stomach acid

Caution: Do not consume if ulcers and/or gastritis are present.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

HCL Breakthrough BiOptimizers Customer Reviews

Well since I was, I’ve had heartburn as long as I can remember. Like at five my dad was giving me his Tums. You know to calm it down. I had heartburn all the time. And I just grew up, I think I just lived with it. You know? And then I tried food combining.

I tried going off certain foods. And then I finally discovered enzymes about ten years ago and so I was taking, trying different kinds and some would work pretty well and some wouldn’t. But I always knew that I felt better when I took them.

And so, and I knew that protein enzymes, the proteolytic enzymes are so good in so many ways. Plus they break down that protein so you can actually get the protein into your body where you need it in your muscles. And so when I heard about your enzymes I was all over that. I just had to get some.

They worked better than any I’ve ever used. Just a few little capsules. Just within five minutes of indigestion it’s all gone. All the bloating, everything. And you know what?

Yes, it’s even really difficult things that have a hard time digesting. I just pop a few more and I pop a few more until I feel good again. And it’s within minutes. It’s noticeable. You know? I don’t have to suffer anymore.

Usually they say I’ve got indigestion and I say, “Oh well do you take digestive enzymes?” and if they say, “What is that?” I explain it.

And if they say, “Oh yeah I’ve got some.” Then I say, “Well I’ve got some that are better.”

These are like the best ever, like amazing and you know (kiss sound), I love this stuff. I can’t really, even now when I’m gluten free and I still have issues.

I know it’s going to take a while to heal my system but even now when I’ll eat something difficult I take these. I’m probably going to take them for the rest of my life. That’s just a fact.

And just thank you again. You’re a lifesaver. And I’m going to make sure that a lot of people find out about this so they can enjoy the benefits as well.

*FTC Legal Disclaimer: The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

Bought this thinking I had low stomach acid, turns out I make to much. Somehow after a prescription of Augmentin during flu season I just can’t seem to get my gut back online. Been using the enzymes and probiotics from this company.

Helps ease it a bit, but something changed drastically with me after that antibiotic run. Hope I figure it out soon. This is a awesome company ran by awesome people, I trust all their products and will support them forever.


I would rather have 90% of the acid reflux go away than to take the PPI meds which studies have proven have negative long term effects such as osteoporosis and cancer. So far this is working well for me. I take in the morning and sometimes at night before bed. I’m buying more.

I suffer terrible acid reflux after eating grain products (especially wheat) or consuming to many carbs. Obviously, I tried to avoid grain products and excessive carbs but that is not always possible.

So, I take HCL Breakthrough (along with their P3-OM probiotic and MassZymes) at the first sign of heartburn and for a few meals afterwards. It seems to solve the problem and is much better than other perscription-type alternatives.

Would I recommend it — Yes.

I don’t take these all the time, mostly just when I know I’m going to have a really big meal with a lot of meat in it (like big ol’ steak or a pile of BBQ). It does seem to help. If I use them with a big meal I do feel more satiated and like I’m getting more nutrients out of the food (even though that’s impossible to empirically know). Since I only use them maybe a couple times a week I feel like it was worth it, especially if you bundle with their MassZymes or the P3 Probiotics.

HCL Breakthrough Sale

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