Primal Grow Pro Reviews - Don't buy before read this?

Primal Grow Pro Reviews – Don’t buy before reading this?

What is Primal Grow Pro?

Primal Grow Pro is a natural penis enhancement supplement that has been proven to work for more than 64,000 men. The formula allows your penis to grow up to 3 inches in just 30 days. The good news is that the supplement has been clinically and scientifically proven. This means that this formula will not cause any side effects whatsoever.

Primal Grow Pro Special Price

Primal Grow Pro Discount

If you are interested in buying the Primal Grow Pro, head to the official website and order your preferred package to enjoy its benefits. The supplement is currently sold in 3 different packages that include;

  • 30 Days Supply – 1 bottle @ $69 + FREE US SHIPPING
  • 120 Days Supply – 4 bottles @ $196 + FREE US SHIPPING
  • 60 Days Supply – 2 bottles @ $118 + FREE US SHIPPING

As a bonus, you get free shipping for any package you order, and you are also covered with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.


My name is Christopher Adams.

And since 1998, when I graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine, I’ve seen and treated ALL the aspects of sexual health, including Organic Erectile Dysfunction, penis ejaculatory and orgasmic disorders, low male libido, infertility and even penis-related injuries.

I also had the opportunity to work with top pioneers in the field of sexual medicine and, as a young researcher at the Center for Sexual Medicine, the oldest such clinic in the world, I was a part of a team of elite physicians focused on finding an effective treatment for male impotence and erectile dysfunction problems.

Later on, the drug we researched was released to the world as Viagra, changing for the better the lives of millions of men all across the world.

In my 30+ years of experience, I specialized in helping thousands of American men regain their sexual stamina and confidence.

Even so, throughout my scientific career, I really had one major dream.

Something which haunted me day and night.

That is why for the last 10 years, I have been a Senior Health Researcher at a top, next-generation laboratory for penis enhancement solutions in Pasadena.

There, my mission was simple, yet highly controversial:

Something which, if I even dared to mention 10 or 15 years ago…

Would have immediately put an end to my career as a sexual health researcher.

My mission was simple, yet to many of the old, conservative doctors, seemed absolutely impossible:

To research and develop a scientifically working solution that would finally help any man increase his penis size in the shortest amount of time possible.

In other words, what me and my team were trying to do for the last decade was to find the next revolutionary “Viagra”, but for penis enhancement.

Before I go on, you must know that 99% of the doctors out there think it’s “normal” for most of the men to have a small penis of only a couple of inches.

And in one way they are right…

The average penis size in the US is around 5 inches.

And the only reason doctors think it’s “normal” is because this is so common.

But while it may be common, it’s NOT natural, as you will soon discover.

Now, the life of a researcher, especially in this sensitive field is not an easy one.

And because of my obsession, I’ve completely neglected my wife and her needs, as I was spending late night hours in the lab and weeks or sometimes even months going to penis enhancement research centers in Switzerland and France, to perform lab trials and treat people suffering from the small penis syndrome.

But this was only half of my work:

You see, it is my firm belief that nature always has a treatment for every human illness or shortcoming.

And that a true researcher should be out there in the field, not just hidden behind the books.

That’s why, once every couple of months, I took my backpack and searched for natural penis enhancement solutions all across the globe:

From the deep pine forests of Japan, to the mountains of Tibet and India or the Australian outback.

During these trips, I have investigated hundreds of plants and herbs and got first-hand knowledge on what works and what not:

Some of the plants I’ve seen are known only to a handful of researchers – such as the Huacrapona Palm Tree from Costa Rica – also known as the Penis Tree.

And some of them are more familiar- such as Panax Ginseng or Maca Root, which many people claim to increase male virility.

And after testing hundreds, if not thousands of such rare plants and essential herbs in all their forms – freshly picked, grinded, dryed, mixed, in bitter tinctures and even fiery creams…

Every single experiment and rigorous trial…

Led me to the same conclusion: while some of these plants indeed were scientifically proven to increase sexual stamina, bed performance and were even responsible for harder erections…

None of them actually managed to truly increase the size & girth of the penis.

The future looked bleak.

And for the first time in my whole career, when I got late at home one night, I truly felt discouraged.

Nothing seemed to work and my research came to a complete dead-end.

But even though I was a scientist, I still believed in miracles.

As my father used to say:

“Faith is all about believing. You don’t know how it will happen, but you know it will.”

So, by a strange twist of fate, that very night I received a phone call that changed everything:

It was from Dean, an old colleague and good friend of mine from Harvard.

“Chris,” he said “I know this will sound absolutely crazy, but you have to listen to me!

Now, I knew from the start this was a very unusual call…

But absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what was I about to hear next:

“Chris, listen: I just got word from one of my research collaborators about a little-known tribe somewhere in Congo, where people can increase their penises by up to even 4 or 5 inches as if by magic!

“Whoa there,” I said. “There’s no such thing as ‘magic’ !”

But we continued to talk some more and Dean gave me all the details about this science-defying discovery.

Of course, as a researcher, I wanted hard data and facts.

Not just tales of shamans and tribes where people “magically” grow their penises.

Even so, at that time, I was completely stumped and my research was going nowhere.

What could I do?

I trusted Dean, who was a scientist even more skeptical than me, but also less curious and adventurous.

So, as you can imagine – I just had to go and see it all with my own eyes.

Please be warned, because now things will get ABSOLUTELY CRAZY:

After a 16 hours long journey by plane and a dangerous 2 days ride through the dark jungle,

So I decided to try the “african penis enlargement” ritual.

Although I was ABSOLUTELY SURE it wouldn’t work…

I admit I was very intrigued…

The evidence was there, though:

With everybody in the tribe having such long penises…

And able to perform for hours, as I’ve seen it with my own eyes during the orgy…

Surely, there had to be an explanation.

At first, I thought this was a genetic blessing of the tribe’s people.

But, as I later learned from the shaman…

From time to time, for a hefty price, wealthy people from US, Europe and even Japan came to him to get their penis enlarged.

And, in 90% of the cases, the ritual was a complete success.

With people who haven’t had an erection in years…

Practically getting ERECT ON DEMAND throbbing penises in no time…

And desperate men in their young 40s adding inches to their penises…

Going from 3 or 4 inches to EVEN 7 inches* after performing the ritual once or twice, in the most severe cases…

As for the side-effects… According to the shaman, there were practically ZERO, as all the ingredients were 100% organic and natural.

And so, the very next day, under his close supervision, I started the penis enhancing ritual.

Basically, the ritual involved drinking a weird-tasting potion daily.

This potion was brewed from both dried and fresh plants, which the shaman gathered from the deep jungle around the village.

Of course, I began to track everything in a journal:

For the first week or so, I didn’t see any major growth…

Except for some strange feeling that something was going on inside me …

Like a surge of energy spreading throughout my body…

I also definitely noticed a mood uplift and I was better focused and more alert.

But on Day 9, after my first initial increase… when I woke up with my morning wood (which had been pretty common since starting this experiment)…

I was shocked to measure myself and see that I’d grown from 5.7″ to 6.1″…

I almost felt like maybe it was a mistake or I wasn’t measuring properly…

But the look on her face when she saw my throbbing penis and how she began to lick her lips while she was noting down the increase…

I knew that we were on the right track!

And, as the days continued to go by, any doubts I had quickly vanished.

On Day 11, I noticed my body was more muscular, and I was checking in at 6.5″…

On Day 14, my “little” guy was up to 6.11″…

On Day 17, he was at 7.3″…

On Day 20 he was at 7.8″…

On Day 24 it was 8.1″

And by Day 30… I was measuring in at a whopping 8.73″!

For the first time in my life, I felt like a true man!

Also, other parts of my body increased as well – I was kinda pumped and more muscular, although I didn’t do any particular gym exercises during that period.

It was incredible… like nothing I’d ever experienced in my life.

And at that point, I honestly started getting kind of concerned… because I didn’t want it to grow TOO big.

But at the same time…

I was also feeling more powerful, more confident, more like a wild animal than I ever had before…

Indeed, this was a huge discovery.

But I wanted MORE.

I mean, why would I settle for less, when I could EASILY get more?

So I went back to the chief shaman and told him I want to continue the ritual and get an even longer penis.

At least 3 or 4 more inches.

Primal Grow Pro Supplement Facts

Primal Grow Pro Supplement Facts

The ingredients used in Primal Grow Pro have been sourced from natural plants and herbs from 3 different continents. With this supplement, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction, and there is no need to worry as the supplement comes at an affordable price.

The ingredients incorporated into the formula have been combined in the right proportion to ensure it effectively works to improve the size of your penis. According to Christopher Adams, they sourced more than 29 natural ingredients from different places to make Primal Grow Pro a powerful formula that will treat all your erectile dysfunction problems. Here are some of them;


L-Glutamine is an amino acid and acts as a building block in the body. It is responsible for fixing the malabsorption problem that limits the growth of your penis. It boosts the immune cells in your gut, which helps prevent inflammation and potential infections. Apart from that, it helps in protecting the mucous membrane of your intestines and esophagus.


This is yet another ingredient that is commonly utilized in the African penis-growth ritual. The component is extracted from Voacanga Africana seeds, and it triggers massive penis growth, which helps you get strong, hard erections.

The ingredient also triggers a fast hyper-expansion of the penis erectile tissues at a rate of 3 to 4 inches. It also fortifies the penis cartilages, allowing it to stay steel-hard while eliminating premature limpness.

Saint John’s Wort

Saint John’s Wort is also a powerful ingredient that benefits you in various ways. First of all, it allows you to sleep better, relieves stress and anxiety. This will make you feel happier, stronger, and vital. The ingredient is also known for treating burns, sores, and bruises.


Huperzine is a component purified from the Chinese plant known as the Chinese club moss. It is suitable for treating depression and memory decline. The ingredient can also increase energy, alertness and protect the body against agents that may damage your nerves.


L-Carnitine also comes as an essential ingredient in the Primal Grow Pro. This is because it transforms not only your entire body but also your penis. It is the mother of all amino acids and is usually used by athletes to boost their system’s functioning and improve cellular energy.

Studies done by the National Institutes of Health also showed that L-Carnitine is suitable for boosting mitochondrial function. This is crucial for healthy aging and the prevention of various diseases.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a plant that has been used for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction problems. The ingredient works magically by oxygenating the honeycombs part of the penis. When this happens, you will realize it is easy to maintain an erection, and penile shrinkage will be eliminated.

Bacopa Moneri

The final ingredient used in the formula is Bacopa Moneri and also comes with plenty of benefits. The component functions as a natural Viagra pill and stimulates your brain, allowing you to have an intense erection and increased duration.

Apart from that, it repairs any damage present in your testicles. This, in turn, promotes testosterone development, improving bone and muscle mass.

Primal Grow Pro Side effects

This program is for anyone suffering from erectile problems, small penis syndrome or low hormonal levels. This program is also diabetic friendly. In fact, many folks wrote to us saying that this program actually helped them recover from their type II diabetes. It has ZERO side effects, ZERO negative implication on any other supplement that you may be taking right now, ZERO dietary restrictions, but 100% guaranteed results!

Primal Grow Pro Where to buy

Primal Grow Pro Discount

If you are interested in buying the Primal Grow Pro, head to the official website and order your preferred package to enjoy its benefits. The supplement is currently sold in 3 different packages that include;

  • 30 Days Supply – 1 bottle @ $69 + FREE US SHIPPING
  • 120 Days Supply – 4 bottles @ $196 + FREE US SHIPPING
  • 60 Days Supply – 2 bottles @ $118 + FREE US SHIPPING

As a bonus, you get free shipping for any package you order, and you are also covered with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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