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Superfood flavors you’ll love to crave

Hey, !

There’s a reason Earth Echo’s lineup offers so much variety of options.

I get that healthy eating is never one-size-fits-all.

But to genuinely make sure that there’s enough tasty yet healthy alternatives for everyone—I diversified.

So here’s what I think you’d love based on what you already love:

If you love chocolate, you’ll love my Cacao Bliss

This superfood blend is rich, delicious, and made with decadent chocolate & superfoods that give you benefits like reduced cravings, more energy & enhanced mental clarity.

Plus, you can easily enjoy it in your coffee or smoothies.

Some even replace their coffee with Cacao Bliss!

Click here to discover how you can have chocolate every day in a way that’s both healthy & guilt-free.

If you love Chai Tea, you’ll love our Chai Bliss

My Chai Bliss will give you the health benefits of green tea without the caffeine crash.

It’s loaded with the creamy, aromatic & spicy blend of Chai.

It’s made with natural nootropics & superfoods like lion’s mane that elevate your mood, boost energy and help you with mental focus & clarity.

Discover how you can get the exceptional health benefits of green tea from the flavorful taste of Chai Tea.

If you love tropical mocktails, then check out my Island Bliss

This healthy green drink has the tropical taste of the islands.

Many have even told me that it tastes like fruit punch.

And this superfood blend with 36+ fruits and vegetables gives you a calm surge of energy, a well-nourished gut, and mood support.

Click here to try out some Island Bliss and get your health fix from a tropical fruit-punch-like delicious green drink.

Reply to this email with more of your flavor preferences, and I’ll suggest the perfect Earth Echo superfood blend for you.

And don’t forget, when you feel good, you do good!


Danette May
Earth Echo Foods
“In the end, there is nothing more important than taking care of the earth, and letting it take care of you.”

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