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You might have heard of pre & probiotics, .

They’ve been around for a while now, but postbiotics are less known to most on the digestive health scene.

So most people don’t really know about their significance and how postbiotics impact your gut and overall health.

But I’m here to solve that puzzle for you today.

Let’s start with this…


Probiotics are made of friendly live bacteria that naturally live in your body.

They keep everything in balance, and your gut needs a good combination of friendly or healthy bacteria to keep your gut & overall health in place.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, are a source of fiber known as fermentable soluble fiber that feed the good bacteria in your gut.

Postbiotics are the “waste product” left behind after your body digests both prebiotics and probiotics.

Without pre & pro, there are no postbiotics, but that’s not the end of story.

They help heal digestive issues like bloating, support weight loss, and help strengthen your immune system too.

You could get all three from a careful yet perfectly prepared balanced diet, but in today’s world, you & I both know how challenging it can be.

If you want a more convenient solution…

Click here to get a great-tasting, fruit-punch-like green drink to get you through the day productively.

Life is busy, unpredictable & complicated.

Before you even start getting in the groove of a diet, it gets derailed.

That’s why I created Island Bliss.

This green superfood blend has the tropical taste of the islands. It has hints of banana, pineapple & orange.

With a mix of 36+ fruits & vegetables, it nourishes your gut, gives you a calm surge of energy & supports an elevated mood.

It’s a deliciously healthy green drink that gets you the pre & probiotics you need to create the postbiotics your body wants.

My customers have said it tastes like a healthy fruit punch.

Click here to get the best tropical drink that gets you through the day in a healthy way.

P.S. why don’t you find out by tasting it yourself?


Danette May
Earth Echo Foods
“In the end, there is nothing more important than taking care of the earth, and letting it take care of you.”

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