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Imagine a world where you never have to hear the words, ‘there is no cure. As that’s the world, Biogetica’s consortium of doctors and scientists are striving towards each day.

Recognize that your body is nature because then you will realize that only nature completes it, in every which way.

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Biogetica Feature

Biogetica combines evidence-based ancient & modern healing technologies to help you live a life of freedom and ease. ***

  • Free Doctor Consultation for any Ailment. 24×7 availability.
  • 50,000+ Satisfied Customer
  • People before profits
  • 100% Natural
  • 90 Day Money Guarantee

Biogetica products

Freedom Kit With HP-Factor And Wart Off






Herpes Treatment

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Hair Loss

hair regrowth naturally

Stress Relief Natural Treatment

Stress Relief Natural Treatment




acne natural treatment

Colon Health

Collitis natural treatment

Sinus Health

Sinusitis natural treatment

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Free Holistic Doctor Consultations

Free Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Doctor Consultations to Anyone and Everyone Who Needs them!

Even today, we are all faced with the issue of 5 different Doctors giving us 5 different opinions. These opinions are shaped by the Doctor’s education, belief system and financial motivation. Every Doctor seems convinced that their way is the best way, and then we the patients are left in a situation where we do not know what is best for us and our families.

Every medicine system has its strengths; it is the closed minds of practitioners that turn these strengths into weaknesses. It is also obvious that each system of medicine has a separate primary focus.

Allopathy or conventional medicine understands the molecules of life, Ayurveda and TCM understand how to balance its energies, and Homeopathy and other subtle forms balance its informational field. Life however is a complex web of matter, energy and information and combining these medical systems gives us the opportunity to bring balance across the entire spectrum of life!

Biogetica was created with the premise of uniting all medicine systems under the gold standard of evidence. It doesn’t matter to us what system of medicine the remedy comes from. What matters is the evidence it has shown in benefitting your life. It doesn’t matter where the remedy is grown, we will blend it synergistically and bring it to your doorstep.

It doesn’t even matter what we recommended yesterday, if something better comes up today you can rest assured that it will show up in your kit tomorrow.

Every Doctor in our collection is dedicated to this cause of bringing the best to their patients globally. Many of them left the comforts of their practice to join us as they realized that is the place where they can help people the most.

Stress Relief Natural Treatment
Hence to help you we offer:

  • Free Consults Round the Clock to anyone and everyone regardless of financial status, nationality or anything else. Click here to start yours now.
  • Precedent setting kits, which are formulated based on evidence from all traditions. These kits are designed to work across the physical, energetic and informational spectrum of life!
  • Groundbreaking Hair Indexing Tests that help our Doctors decide on a tailor made protocol for you. No two bodies are the same, why should supplements given be?

State of the art Daily health supplements, which are all derived from natural sources and free of chemicals and preservatives. These include:

  • Our balanced Green Drink Pranavita,
  • Our proprietory blend of high Phycocyanin Spirulina with Natural Astaxanthin.

Biogetica over the years has grown on passion and personal recommendations. Our marketing strategy is simple. “Help one person the best you can and they will then send ten more to you.” This has now led to a place where we have over 50k active and delighted customers. We invite you to join the Biogetica family today. You may also sign up for our agent of change program and earn rewards for referring others.

Last but not least the one thing we are most proud of is the fact that we have never had to turn one customer away if they could not pay. Their own country may let them suffer in silence but it is not in our heart to deny someone the healing the earth provides.

candida Natural treatment

Health And Wellness, Here And Now!

Biogetica is an open collective of Doctors, Scientists, and Patients who are dedicated to waking up in a world where we never hear the words “there is no cure”. We say ‘open collective’ as we are open to all healing traditions including Allopathy, Ayurveda, Bio-Energetics, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha Medicine, Sintergetica, Nutrition and Chinese medicine.

We also say ‘open’ because we never turn anyone away, even if they cannot pay.

Our consortium of doctors and scientists are striving each day to help you recognize that your body is Nature in its purest form. Try our products to realize that only Nature completes us, in every which way.

Remember that life of freedom and comfort? Come, let’s quantum leap back to it today, the Biogetica way!

Biogetica Customer Reviews


Natural remedies, Immunofree and Reginmune show great response against COVID-19 in a clinical trial

An ayurvedic remedy called ‘Immunofree’ by Corival Life Sciences, and a supplement called ‘Reginmune’ by Biogetica was found to work better in a comparative clinical trial than the standard of care, informs the company through a statement.

Half the participants in the clinical trial for ‘Immunofree’ and ‘Reginmune’ were given these two remedies, and the other half were given the government SOP (depending on patient condition and hospital norms, which included but not limited to Paracetamol (SOS) B-complex (OD) Vitamin-C (TID), Azithromycin (OD), Favipiravir and Pantocid (OD).

The statement says, “This herbal combination group had 88 of patients test negative on day 5, in comparison to the SOP with only 72 per cent negative day 5.100 per cent of patients on Immunofree and Reginmune tested negative day 10 and only 88 per cent on the sop tested negative.

Hence this study suggests that natural medicine from Ayurveda is outperforming pharmaceuticals currently being used. The groundbreaking results have been submitted to Ayush in the hope that they will expedite the approval of Immunofree and Reginmune for COVID treatment.”

Puneet Mittal, Research Director, Mittal Global Clinical Trial Services (MGCTS), said, “We did not have many hopes in the beginning of the trial but Immunofree even outperformed our expectations too. Remarkable results!”

Dr Vijaykumar Kamat, Medical Director, Biogetica said, “It seems to us that too much expectation and the emphasis is being placed on a vaccine even though the virus is rapidly mutating. The flu vaccines have been around for 70 years and it hasn’t stopped the flu. Hence, one cannot expect corona to end with a vaccine alone.

Therefore a safe and effective treatment is needed and this seems to be the best out there today. This is essentially because Immunofree hasn’t been repurposed for COVID. It was designed based on the multifaceted presentation of this particular virus and it addresses the virus with a unique patented 10 prong approach.

Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO, Wockhardt Foundation said, “It is great to see natural medicine set a precedent like this at a time when the earth needs it most. We will work closely with states of India and governments around the world to make Immunofree and Reginmune the gold standard in Coronavirus treatment.

Apurve Mehra, Founder, Biogetica said, “Immunofree and Reginmune have now shown a result no medicine from any tradition has globally. With the entire world watching, we have shown how nature is essential in medicine for this virus.

That nature has the answer when all else fails. We, therefore, hope this opens eyes and minds, and that doctors, countries and patients who truly care about their health accept these remedies.

Additionally, Immunofree ingredients such as “Andrographis Panicullata” have been approved by the Thailand government, and “Artemisia” has been approved by the Madagascar government for the use of COVID-19.”

He added, “We also hope that the government lists these remedies as part of the standard of care for COVID for quicker recovery, as they truly bear the potential of saving lives, freeing up hospital space and helping people return to normal.”

Consult Doctor Online

Biogetica Products Discount & Best Deals 2023

Sinusitis natural treatment

Who Will Need to Buy Biogetica Kits?

Biogetica is an innovative, holistic approach to healthcare that aims to get to the root cause of illness, injury and other issues. It is designed for anyone seeking natural solutions for their health problems, from individuals to large organizations. Professionals such as nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, ayurvedic physicians and homeopaths can use Biogetica’s products and services in conjunction with conventional therapies or as a stand-alone treatment option. These professionals may also recommend Biogetica’s products or services to their clients as a personalized approach to health care. Additionally, organizations like hospitals, clinics and universities may utilize Biogetica’s evidence-based formulas and treatments for patient care or research purposes. Ultimately, anyone looking for an alternative way of using nature’s wisdom to heal can benefit from Biogetica’s offerings.

For many conditions, there is ‘no cure’ – it is commonly said but it is not believed at Biogetica. Anyone who has lost faith in normal medicines must take their services. Their exceptional combination of herbs and natural product kits provide the benefits that are not commonly attained without getting lots of side effects.

Why Should I Trust

What they are doing is unique and because natural products are used, it is the same as having a meal every day. In the small-time, their customer numbers have reached 90,000 plus and more and more people are recognizing them. Their services are not restricted to one country and scattered around the world. Furthermore, they believe in people before profits so no one will be turned away who reached them.

Other than that, all the products they offer are backed with 100% medicine. You can trace the research and know what are you consuming.

What Makes Biogetica Different from Other Sites?

Biogeticas consistently delivers premier quality products, with rigorous standards assuring that safety and efficacy are of the highest caliber. Their team of experienced professionals are guided by an ethos of only using sustainable, naturally derived ingredients in their formulations while utilizing cutting-edge science and research to deliver effective solutions throughout their wide range of products. Checks and balances are built into each step of the development process to make sure that no corners are cut when it comes to product safety, quality control, or production practices. Consumers can feel confident knowing that regardless of which Biogeticas item they purchase, it will have undergone one of the most comprehensive screening processes in the industry before packing and shipping.

Most of the companies are using only a single source of medicine but Biogetica has found something good in all forms of medicine and joins them together. It makes the best use of different kinds of medicines present today.

Even though their products are not considered medicines at FDA, but still they have their products registered as supplements, ayurvedic herb, and homeopathic attenuation.

Best-Selling Products at

Biogetica product kit reviews

Though there are many products of Biogetica that are famous among the masses, a few top the list and here are their best selling products:

  1. Biogetica’s Rescue Kit with Hypericum mysorense and Homeopathic H factor

Herpes is a disease that is highly contagious and transmits from one person to another very easily. Getting cured for herpes is very important because it transfers among the people even when the carrier of the disease doesn’t know he is affected. Biogetica presents a rescue kit with Hypericum Mysorense and herpes nosodes. Biogetica rescue kit is a unique combination of different rare herbs and compounds including red marine algae, black seed oil, lysine, licorice, and many others.  This natural combination provides many other benefits to the body as well as it enhances immunity, restores pH balance, improves skin, and detoxifies the blood.

  1. Biogetica Deliverance Kit with OM13 Formula

This kit is specially made for the people having Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN).  TN leads to unbearable pain that hinders even day to day activities of a person. According to the medical research, their kit contains a unique herb that can lead to about 60% reduction in the pain intensity as well as the frequency which is highly effective than the usual method available today to provide ease in this disease.  It is the most natural remedy available for the TN today that is improving the lives of many and allows these individuals to live a healthy life they have dreamt of.

  1. The Biogetica Deliverance Kit with Hypericum mysorense, DSPL Factors, and HP formula

HPV infection can cause severe disease; it can even lead to external genital warts. A person having HPV transfers the virus to others. There is no major treatment for warts but it can be tackled with perfect immunity. There are several natural compounds that help in improving the HPV condition and all those special miracle complexes are present in one complete Biogetica kit. This kit offers the best of the immune booster having natural products like HP factor Nosodes, Thuja, Monolaurin, Hypericum mysorense and so much more. All the compounds present are backed with authentic medical research.

  1. Biogetica Essentials Kit with C4 ANH Formula

This Biogetica essential kit with C4 ANH formula has a special purpose to provide relief from acute Urticaria. With this kit, you get the special homeopathic formula that can fight the symptoms of the Urticaria and help with improving the skin and lowering burning and itching. It doesn’t only provide the specified effectiveness towards the affected organ but improves many other things in the body as well. This kit helps in enhancing immunity, and thus reduces the occurrence of hypersensitive response. It also restores the skin function, eliminates toxins, and purifies the blood.

  1. Biogetica’s Salvation Kit with Hypericum mysorense, Alclearize and Homeopathic H Factor

When you want to have a healthy life, this Biogetica salvation kit is for you. It is the complete kit of 80 days that can entirely change your life and lead you towards positivity. With this combination of herbs and other natural compounds, you can have the life you have been thinking of. This kit is a unique mixture of H-factor, Hyperisince, reginmune, Visarpa clay, and alclearize. With this combination, you get the immune boost, detoxified blood, healed skin, and many other life-long benefits that you have been looking for.

  1. Biogetica Hyperisince Tablets

Hyperisince is a dietary supplement from Biogetica that may help maintain healthy and balanced hormone levels in both men and women. Developed using a combination of Ayurvedic herbs, homeopathy, and nutraceuticals, the supplement helps to balance the natural production of hormones such as testosterone and melotonin, decreasing cortisol levels which can have a positive effect on energy, sleep patterns, mood and libido. In addition to providing support for better sleeping habits and improved moods, Hyperisince also assists with metabolic health by helping to regulate sugar, fat and salt cravings. With no reported side-effects, this herbal supplement is an ideal choice for anyone looking to restore the body’s natural balance while improving overall health.

How Does Biogetica Work?

The process of Biogetica involves:

  • Get Informed: Know about your ailment
  • Consult with a Biogetica doctor: You can discuss with the Biogetica doctor about your conditions so they can guide you where you stand and what you need to do
  • Choose a Biogetica Kit: You can choose your kit on your own or take the help of the doctor to select what is best for you
  • Receive a discreet package: You don’t have to go anywhere and the package will arrive at your desired destination

If you don’t find any improvement in your condition, then you will get 100% money back

>>> Click Here to Find More Information on How Biogetica Work!

Biogetica FAQs:

  • For what reason do their products have a disclaimer that marks they are not proposed to treat or fix any sickness?

This disclaimer is a must put on any item that has no FDA Drug endorsements on grounds. Right now in this era, most regular natural products in Europe and USA have this disclaimer. FDA approvals are expensive and no small herbal and natural products maker can afford in the first stand. Also, as these products are not medicine, they cannot be patented. These reasons keep many natural product companies away from getting FDA approval. On the other hand, synthetic pharmaceutical organizations frequently spend $100 million or more to get drug approval hence their drugs are FDA-approved.

Every product of Biogetica is developed in GMP-certified labs that are FDA compliant and located in Germany, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand, and India. Those research laboratories are certified with FDA in their countries either as homeopathic drugs, dietary supplements, or Ayurvedic solutions. Extreme measures are taken to guarantee the ideal quality. Biogetica is a name renowned all around the world. A few nations take homeopathy, Ayurveda, and bioenergetics to be medication, while others do not. To agree to different FDA standards of various countries they state:

These articulations have not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. These items are not proposed to analyze, treat, fix or forestall any disease or sickness.

“ Every Homeopathic cure is made as per the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the US, an archive which has been followed for over 100 years, which is always perceived as an “Official Compendium” by Sections 501(b) and 502(e)(3) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. 351(b) and 352(e)(3) (“FD&C Act”).

It does not imply that the product is fake or unimportant. There is a huge amount of research accessible today that shows the viability of different herbs and Homeopathic items for a wide range of diseases other than the uses recorded in the disclaimer. It’s simply a demand of the FDA auditing that everyone must follow.

They demand buyers to read the research and show it to the primary care physicians to settle on the best of your well being and health. They additionally recommend that you genuinely look into the short term and the long haul side effects of the medication that you are using.

  • What should you do if your doctor tells you that all-natural medications are trick and fraud?

Biogetica proposes to better find a doctor who puts your health first and investigates all options with a receptive outlook and genuine heart. Most doctors often prescribe medication and information about what they are told from the pharmaceutical rep team. The alternatives to chemical medicines are not spam.

  • How would you know if they are coming clean and their products work?

If you want to see if their products work or not, then you should use them yourself. Using them for even 90 days would tell you where they stand. Express gratitude to them if you heal or just get a refund if it does not work for you. It would be best if you know they work with widely acclaimed labs, offer free assistance to the penniless and are devoted to saving lives. Not many American companies utilize their dollars to spread health and wellness for all as they do.

Biogetica offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all medicines because they are confident about the outcomes, which have reformed various lives. Additionally, many clinical trials are conducted worldwide, and it appears that their medicines have shown better results than synthetic medicines that normally have a huge list of side effects too.

  • Are Biogetica kits FDA-approved?

Every product is developed GMP guaranteed Research centers that are FDA-compliant and located in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and India. Those research centers are certified with the FDA in their countries as the developers of Ayurvedic herbsdietary supplements, and homeopathic medication.

In which countries their products are available?

Their products are shipped worldwide. If you’re not residing in the US, then you could end up paying import duties that they are not responsible for paying. If it’s not too much to ask, go through the rules set by your local authorities before ordering. Currently, they are not shipping to Croatia, Germany, and Spain, and their local customs are not passing their products. It’s better to place your order when you don’t reside in these countries.

  • Will their products cure you?

Biogetica does not claim to cure anyone. They recommend you to study the autonomous research done on their products to know what you are having. The Biogetica website is visited by a worldwide audience. It’s possible that in some countries their products are not considered as a natural treatment. Thus, for legitimate reasons, Biogetica doesn’t produce the claim to cure a disease.

  • Are Biogetica products safe to use?

Yes, Biogetica products are made with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals and additives. However, it’s always best to talk to a healthcare professional before trying a new health product.

  • Does Biogetica offer free shipping? offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, which may vary depending on the destination country. The shipping cost for orders below the minimum purchase amount may vary based on the shipping location and the weight of the order. This offer is only available for online orders placed directly on their website only and it excludes custom prescriptions. Biogetica takes approximately 4-6 weeks to deliver their products and they ship each order with a tracking code so customers can follow their packages during delivery. The company maintains an inventory at the regional distribution centers spread across the globe, thus ensuring timely delivery of orders while maintaining cost efficiency.

A Few Biogetica Reviews & Testimonials from Real Customers:

Here are some of Biogetica’s customer reviews from other sites:

Deb Pettersen – says:

I am so very grateful for Biogetica and the doctors who are always available. This has given me my life back. I now can eat,drink,talk,and brush my teeth without pain and fear. This is a Godsend…

Sam Bodhe – says:

Quick response from doctors. Helping people with 100% natural Ayurvedic & Homeopathy remedies…

Here is another real Biogetica review sent in by a Tinnitus patient.

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One of the oldest American CBD brands


US Hemp Authority-certified


FDA GRAS self-affirmed


Easy-to-access third-party test reports


Customer Service & Reputation


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