Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads Reviews

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads Reviews

Weird Foot Reflexology Technique Vacuums Toxins Out Of Your Body.

What is Simple Promise Xitox Foot Pads?

Detox food pads are a product that companies claim will draw out impurities and toxins through the soles of the feet. A person places them on their feet before going to sleep so that they can take effect overnight.

Xitox is the Deep Cleansing Foot Pads created by the reputed Simple Promise Company. It is made of natural ingredients that help detoxify the body and free you from pain and lethargy. It is made as a simple routine as sticky pads with a mint aroma that can draw toxins from the body with the powerful ingredients’ effects. The formula in this pad triggers the healthy function of the second heart; we call it a foot to push the blood back to the heart. Thus, promoting healthier blood circulation fixes issues like pain, cramps, brain fog, and fatigue.

This method is enriched with a new sea-sugar detox principle and includes potential Japanese ingredients to offer quick relief and recovery from painful issues. The process is made in the USA under strict safety standards that help avail beneficial results without adverse health impacts.

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads Customer Reviews

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads Benefits

  • Cleansing Foot Pads Enhances Quality Sleep: The holistic herbs found in our natural foot patches are cleansing and known to encourage deeper, more restful sleep, which may increase overall well-being.
  • Foot Pads To Calm You After A Long Day: Relieves fatigue and provides you with rest and relief after a long day. Xitox pads help you start each day with more energy after rejuvenating your body and helping it recover while you sleep.
  • Natural, Safe, and Side-Effect-Free Ingredients: Trustworthy ingredients comprise our natural cleansing foot pads. Xitox’s herbal formula has no adulterated ingredients and includes bamboo vinegar, loquat leaf, and more to help improve your sense of well-being.
  • Suggested Use for Deep Cleansing Pads: Clean the bottoms of both feet with soap and warm water. Apply pad on the center of foot with sticky side facing the skin. Press firmly to secure in place. Repeat on the other foot. For best results, use Xitox deep cleansing foot pads while sleeping for at least 8 hours. After use, remove pads and wash and dry feet, then see how they can rejuvenate your body and get you more restful sleep!
  • We Follow the Science: Simple Promise goes above and beyond to make sure any product with our name follows the strictest quality and purity standards. Xitox is made using the world’s top suppliers and with 20 years of manufacturing experience, using high-quality raw materials.

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads Reviews

Xitox Foot Pads Product Description

Xitox Foot Pads are a convenient and effective way to help cleanse your body and provide comfort during your sleep. Formulated with natural herbal ingredients, such as bamboo vinegar and vegetable fiber, these foot pads are designed to promote deeper and more restful sleep. Experience the benefits of quality rest and how it can enhance your overall well-being. Don’t let long, exhausting days weigh you down throughout the week. With our cleansing foot pads, you can ease tension and refresh your body, all while you slumber peacefully.

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads Reviews

XITOX™ Foot Pads Effects


Although there is no scientific evidence that detox foot pads work in the way that some companies claim they do, certain ingredients in the pads may be beneficial in other ways.

Some companies sell detox foot pads that contain ginger. Ginger may be useful for easing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

small 2014 study by Trusted Source found that the topical application of ginger can relax and warm the skin. This study also found that it reduced the pain of chronic osteoarthritis.

Some detox foot pads also contain lavender essential oil. A 2015 study by Trusted Source found that when people with self-reported sleep difficulties also practiced good sleep hygiene, lavender patches reduced fatigue during the day and also improved sleep quality.

Tourmaline is another ingredient that some companies use in detox foot pads. This mineral can emit far infrared radiation (FIR)Trusted Source when it is in the form of a fine powder.

2012 review trusted Source of the scientific literature on FIR found some evidence that tourmaline powder may reduce pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis and painful menstrual periods. However, research on the health benefits of FIR is still in its early stages.

People who experience some benefits when using detox foot pads may find that these ingredients help them sleep and possibly reduce inflammatory conditions or pain.

XITOX™ Foot Pads Benefits

XITOX™ Foot Pads Ingredients:

XitoxTM Deep Cleansing Foot Pads contain 10 all-natural ingredients that effectively suck pain-causing poisons out of your body overnight.

XITOX™ Foot Pads You’ll find 6 Main Ingredients:

Bamboo vinegar

A research study published in a major medical journal states that Bamboo Vinegar—a key ingredient in the foot pads — has medical properties, including the ability to eliminate toxins from the human body.

Popularly known as ‘chikusaku’ in Japan, bamboo vinegar is known to remove heavy metals and other detrimental substances from your body, eliminate foot odor, soften the skin, and maintain blood circulation.


A 2022 review article published in an important scientific journal demonstrates the ability of Chitosan…

Another ingredient in the Japanese detox foot pads to remove heavy metals.


This powerful mineral can keep your feet comfortable to help you enjoy better sleep.

Loquat Leaf

Which is also an ingredient in the detox foot pads, contains a natural compound known
as amygdalin.

This substance is known to help combat liver disorders as well as support the liver’s ability to process and eliminate poisons in
the body.

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb

Also known as fish mint, this is an edible herb that has long been used in Asia for various health reasons.

Wood Vinegar

Also known as Pyroligneous acid, wood vinegar can keep the soles of our feet pure.

Minus Ion Powder

Also known as Anion, this powder helps neutralize foot odors.

Vegetable Fiber

Helps normalize bodily functions, including how your feet feel.

XITOX™ Foot Pads Directions

XITOX™ Foot Pads Directions

Do detox foot pads really work?

There’s no reliable evidence that detox foot pads work.

Manufacturers of detox foot pads say that their products draw toxins out of your body while you sleep. Some manufacturers have claimed that detox foot pads also treat high blood pressure, headaches, cellulite, depression, diabetes, and insomnia and aid in weight loss.

Xitox Detox foot pads are stuck on the bottom of your feet and left there overnight, purportedly to draw out toxins, such as heavy metals. When you peel off the detox foot pad in the morning, its darkened or discolored appearance supposedly reflects the toxins that have been removed from your body.

However, no scientific studies have been published that show that detox foot pads work or that they’re safe. The Federal Trade Commission has even charged some distributors of detox foot pads with deceptive advertising.

The bottom line: As with anything that sounds too good to be true, your best bet is to wait for scientific evidence that proves a claim before investing your time and money.

XITOX™ Foot Pads Customer Reviews

XITOX™ Foot Pads Customer Reviews

I have always wanted to try these foot pads and have for the past few weeks. They were easy to use and work while you sleep! The ingredients look natural, with just a hint of mint aroma. Not overpowering. I wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Easy to fit in your nighttime self-care routine.

A friend recommended these and I was a bit skeptical. But they did as I had hoped. I had better sleep than I had in a long while. I’m hooked! They also came very fast!

A friend who is a nurse recommended these XITOX foot pads. Within just a few days I felt substantial pain relief in my arthritic knees and low back pain. Fantastic! In addition to this excellent pain relief, I also notice I have the feeling of less stress and more overall energy.

These pads worked great and improved my sleep by easing the pain in my lower back. I had heard of them but didn’t believe it till I tried. Happy I took the chance! Nice mint smell too.

Where to buy Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads Best Price?

Claim Your Discounted Boxes Of XITOX While Supplies Last

Simple Promise Xitox Foot Pads has made these pads inexpensive though it is more efficient than any other products. Users can choose the best among the three super deals available with better discounts and confirm the order by making the secured payment.

  • A 1-month supply of Xitox Foot Pads costs $49/each with Free shipping.
  • A 3-month supply of Xitox Foot Pads costs $39/each with Free shipping.
  • A 6-month supply of Xitox Foot Pads costs $33/each with Free shipping.

The creator offers a 100% Empty-Box Refund Challenge to make the purchase risk-free. Users can try the product for a whole year, and for any reason, if they are unhappy with the results, they can send back the empty boxes and contact the customer support team within 365 days of purchase. The manufacturer refunds the total amount without any questions asked, making the investment secure.

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads FAQs

Is Xitox Foot Pads good for me?

Good question. Xitox™ Foot Pads contain several powerful ingredients that help provide a soothing experience for your feet after a long day. These foot pads can be easily applied and can help you unwind, allowing you to feel more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Is Xitox Foot Pads Safe?

Most people can benefit from the use of this product. However, if you are allergic to any component or have underlying health problems you should not use this product before talking to a health professional.

It’s manufactured using the highest-quality ingredients and processed in a clean, sterile environment that is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified.

No one has reported any noticeable or serious side effects.

How do I use Xitox Foot Pads?

Xitox™ Foot Pads are easy to use.

When your package arrives, open the box and grab 2 foot pads.

Just before you head to bed, stick each pad to the bottom of each foot.

Do this once a day, over 5 days, for the best results. This is one cycle.

Wait 1 week before you start the next cycle.

So you do 5 days of this cycle, then take 1 week off. Repeat this process.

Remember, consistency is key.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

No matter which package you choose, you’re covered by our 365-day money back guarantee.

That means. unless you’re 100% satisfied, you’ll get EVERY penny back—no questions asked.

Who Can Use These Xitox Foot Pads? 

The Xitox Deep Cleansing Foot Pads are for those struggling with pain in their legs, muscle cramps, fatigue, and lack of energy. It is for both men and women, and it works regardless of age to improve the body’s toxic-free blood flow, making users active and energetic, as thousands of positive Xitox Foot Pads user reviews reveal. The best part is that no negative complaints or side effects have been reported so far.

How can I order Xitox?

It’s easy!

Just click the “ORDER NOW” button below.

When you do, you’ll be taken to our secure, 256-bit encrypted order page.

Take just 2 minutes to confirm your information and you’re done! Our team at Simple Promise will rush your order in the mail to you as quickly as possible.

If you are in the US, you’ll most likely have it in your hands within 7 days.

And remember, there is NO auto-billing subscription.

This is a one-time payment and you won’t be charged again unless you place another order.

buy Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads buy

Simple Promise XITOX Detox Foot Pads Summary

There is no scientific evidence that detox foot pads work. The body naturally gets rid of waste products, toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals through the kidneys and liver and, to a lesser extent, through the sweat glands in the skin.

There is no evidence that foot pads draw anything out from the body. The FTC have already banned one company from advertising due to the false claims that they made about their product. The FTC found no proof that foot pads help with health conditions or weight loss.

Some ingredients in foot pads may provide other benefits, though. Ginger, tourmaline, and lavender may help with pain and sleep quality. However, other ingredients, such as wood or bamboo vinegar, may irritate the skin.

Simple Promise XITOX Foot Pads


Cleansing Foot Pads Enhances Quality Sleep


Foot Pads To Calm You After A Long Day


Natural, Safe, and Side-Effect-Free Ingredients


Suggested Use for Deep Cleansing Pads


We Follow the Science



  • Pain-free bodies and joints
  • Great sleep
  • And vibrant energy


  • Expensive

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